Making Your Own Alkaline Drinking Water


There are a lot of great benefits that can come from drinking alkaline water. This water can help with reducing the acidity level in your body, making it a lot more resistant to issues including cancer, heart disease, allergies, issues with weight and premature aging. The ability to maintain a good alkaline pH level will also be able to help your body get rid of toxins, resulting in better overall health. If you are looking to make your own alkaline water for drinking, there are a few different options you can try.

Making Your Own Alkaline Drinking Water

The Simplest Alkaline Drinking Water Method

Getting started with a diet that is more alkaline, you can make alkaline water on your own in a simple and cost effective manner at home, usually using items that you may already have. A glass jug that has a tight lid can be a perfect vessel for your water. Fill the container with your drinking water. You can use bottled drinking water, water from your tap or distilled water. Just leave enough space in the jug so that you can easily mix and shake it. Then, add

You can use bottled drinking water, water from your tap or distilled water. Just leave enough space in the jug so that you can easily mix and shake it. Then, add one-half teaspoon of regular baking soda to the jug and shake to mix thoroughly. Test the water using a pH strip, which you can find just about anywhere that sells supplies for water testing, like a pool store. The goal is to be able to achieve a pH level that is between 8.5 to 9.0.

If the testing shows that your water has not gotten to this alkaline level, you can just add a small amount of baking soda and then test again. Just keep track of how much baking soda needs to be used so that you can make the process easier with your next batch. The alkaline drinking water can be stored in your refrigerator, just like you would with any of your other drinking water. Just make sure that you shake the jug prior to pouring as the best result.

Alkaline Tablets And Drops

Besides the baking soda method you can also use alkaline tablets or drops that can be easily added to your drinking water. You will see that there are several brands that are available, which can usually be found either in a health food store or online. Just be sure that the products that you get are made for consumption. The drops are extremely handy to take along with you, allowing you to just put a few drops of into your water before you drink it. This can be very handy for anyone who travels a lot. Just be sure that you have some pH testing strips that you can use to be sure that you are getting the right pH level.

Alkaline Water Filters And Machines

In addition to the drops and tablets, you can buy special machines and filters that will help you enjoy your alkaline drinking water. The jug filters are handy, just be sure that you are using tap water over distilled water. These filters will usually only require mineral content so that they can work properly. You can also find some specialized ionizer machines that will help you to create alkaline water. When you invest in one of these, you will have the assurance of knowing that it is easy to create the water at a good alkaline level for all of your daily use. This can include water for drinking, preparing food, cleaning and more. You can choose from machines that fit on your countertop, onto your faucet and under your sink. Click here to find the best alkaline water machine.

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