Are Motorbike Trackers Worth the Cost?

Motorbikes are twice as likely to be stolen than cars. So, you have to take care of them a lot. According to the Motorcycle Industry Association, in 2012, approximately 26,000 motorbikes were stolen in England and Wales.  It accounts for 43% of all motorbike insurance claims.

Even if you have motorbike trackers, they can be disabled in less than a minute. So, if you feel they are of no help, you may think it’s not worth purchasing one. However, if you do your research, you could get extra protection for your bike. Yes, it can save you from the cost and inconvenience of having it stolen.

In short, you should go for advanced motorbike trackers that offer additional features.

What to look for?

A Thatcham approved tracker is perhaps the right option. However, it would be even better if you consider a waterproof tracker. Since you can’t prevent a tracker from exposing to elements, it’s better to look for a waterproof one.  A waterproof tracker will help you track your motorbike even if it’s raining cats and dogs.

Professional thieves know the tricks and tools necessary to disable a standard GPS tracker. They can store it in a safe location while stripping down your bike if they can jam the GPS.  And you won’t be able to get the clue where your bike is. Therefore, you should always rely on trackers immune to GPS jamming.

Another consideration would be that a hard-wired tracker may not have an alternative power source. It means once the battery is disconnected, you lose any power that the tracker has. However, if it has another power source like a separate battery, it must have a good battery life between charges.

Your tracker should also be able to send a message alert to your mobile indicating your bike is missing.  You will find several such trackers in the market that come with this feature.  This feature is especially important if you have parked your bike on your property. And that’s because 80% of the motorbikes go missing from home.

If you have stored your motorbike at your property, then a movement or tamper alarm is a good option. And that’s because it will alert you straight away of any movement. However, you should be sure to check that this feature won’t affect the battery life of the tracker.

Your tracker and your insurance

Some insurance companies will not lower their premiums just because you have a tracker on your motorbike. Each company will have individual criteria, and you have to follow that. However, if you have the right tracker working with the right insurance company it could give you significant savings.

To receive a payout from an insurance company, you must install and maintain the device. Otherwise, it could affect your payout.

Since the chances of your bike going missing are quite high, you must invest in a decent bike tracker. As thieves steal approximately 75 motorbikes in a day, having an advanced tracker will give you peace of mind. You will feel that you are doing your level best to protect your bike. As 2 out of 5 stolen motorbikes are recovered, having a tracker can increase the chances of you recovering yours if thieves steal it.

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