Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

Riding motorcycles are one of the best kinds of adrenaline rushes you can get. It’s exciting. It’s thrilling. And it’s empowering.

But it’s also extremely dangerous.

That’s why wearing a motorcycle helmet is the smartest thing that you can do for yourself. When people first start riding a motorcycle, they may not realize how to find the right helmet.

They just pick out the first one they see, not realizing that having the right helmet could be the difference between life and death. If you’re not really sure what type of helmet you should be getting, keep reading.

You may find out that the helmet that you’ve been using isn’t right for you at all, which means you need to get a new one as soon as possible.

How to Choose Motorcycle Helmet

Making Sure it Fits Right

The most important part of finding the right helmet is making sure it fits you correctly.

A helmet might look really awesome, but if your head’s bouncing around in it you’re not really getting the proper protection, are you?

There are two things that you need to consider when making sure a helmet fits you properly.

• The Size of Your Head

Using a cloth tape measure, measure your head from right above your eyebrows, to the base of the back of your head. Use this measurement to compare it to the sizing chart that comes with most helmets.

Your helmet shouldn’t be too loose, or too tight. If your head is small, you need a small helmet, however, for big head people, it requires extra large motorcycle helmets.

• The Shape of Your Head

Most people’s heads fall into one of three categories: immediate oval, long oval, and round oval.

Have a friend help you determine the shape of your head by looking down on the crown of your head.

Having the wrong helmet for the shape of your head will cause you to feel points of pressure on your forehead. It’s recommended to wear the helmet for a little while before taking it out on your first ride.

What Are You Going to Use it for?

Another key point in determining the type of helmet you should get is what type of riding you’re going to be doing.

• Daily Use

If you’re planning on using your helmet on an everyday basis or using it for long trips, then you might want to consider a higher quality helmet that will provide more comfort.

Be aware!

Never buy cheap motorcycle helmets if you are an avid biker.

• Group Riding

Thanks to technology, there are helmets that have built-in communication provisions, meaning you can Bluetooth your phone into them. This is extremely convenient when you spend a lot of time riding with other people.

What Features are You Looking for?

When you’re looking for the perfect helmet, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. The first being, the material that your helmet is made out of. Most helmets are made out of one of four materials.

• Fiberglass Composite

As it absorbs energy fiberglass composite flexes, splits and crushes. It’s also one of the most expensive materials you can get.


This foam material is densely compressed to make a shock absorbing shell.

• Polycarbonate

This material flexes as it absorbs energy. It’s one of the least expensive materials on the market.
• Carbon Fiber

This material is the most expensive type out there. As the polycarbonate absorbs energy, it flexes.

The Weight in Your Helmet

You don’t want to purchase a helmet that feels like it’s way too heavy for your neck to support.

The key to finding the right helmet is making sure that the weight is evenly distributed across your head. This is accomplished by making sure the helmet fits you properly.

A helmet that doesn’t fit you right will feel heavy and it will also put a lot of strain on your neck.

When buying a helmet, it’s important to take all of these factors into consideration. Wearing the wrong helmet can cause you to sustain major injuries to your head and your brain in the event of an accident.

If after reading this you’re still not sure what kind of helmet is the right one for you, consult the experts.

Head into a motorcycle shop to speak to them about any issues that you might be having!

They’ll have no problems answering any questions you have, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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