Must-Have Router Table Accessories for Quality Results

The introduction of router tables into the market must be one of the greatest inventions off times for woodworkers. There is so much that can be achieved using this machines and accurate cuts are possible to achieve. However, the setup of router table and accessories that will be used with the router able are the determining factors on the results that you will derive.

Every wood worker would prefer to have smooth and consistent cuts at all times when using router tables. This is possible when you fully understand some of the essential accessories that your router table will require at all times. Take time to set up your router and router table and you can be assured of quick and accurate cuts.

We will take you through some of these accessories and this will make your experience with the router table more productive. This is also one of the best ways of enhancing safety in your workshop as you will know what accessories will minimize risk levels. When you make it a habit to use the tips provided below, you can be assured of your safety and quality cuts at all times.

Make-Small-BitesOne of the best ways to enhance safety and smooth cuts is by making small cuts or bites. This can be achieved by holding the piece of wood against the fence and moving it steadily forward.

If the work piece being worked on is on the edge, you can use featherboards to the table to keep it in position with the fence, which is a safety measure. In order to make deep cuts, it is advisable to make a number of light passes.

When you are making deep cuts, you should not exceed cuts of ¼” per given pass.

  • Fence

This is one of the most integral parts of any router table and will directly influence the results on the cuts that you make. All standard router tables will come with a fence and this is one of the features that are highly regarded as far as safety is concerned.

When you have long out-feed and in-feed faces, the fence will serve as a guide which will keep the stock into and away from the bit. Even if you have a bit, the fence is still useful.

  • Featherboards

Feather-boardsIf you already have a router table, then the featherboard is not a strange utility. The main role of the featherboard is to ensure that the work piece stays put and does not shift or move about when routing. We regard the featherboard as the third hand for the wood worker and as such it is essential as a safety measure.

The featherboards comes with angled-fingers which are flexible and will serve the purpose of a spring as they will hold the wood against the fence and the table. This will prevent the piece being routed to bounce back to you.

If you want to ensure total safety in your workshop, you may want to set up a number of featherboards against the table and the fence so as to provide more safety.

  • Bit Guard

Bit-GuardThe bit guard severs as a physical barrier, which will protect your fingers from slipping down to the router bit. The bit guard is easily attached to the fence and is quite useful especially for the people who are just beginning woodwork using routers.

Ideally, you should always ensure that the bit guard is larger than the router it. When setting it up, the purpose is to make it hard for your hand to fit between the guard and the wood piece.

  • Starter Pin

Starter-PinWhen you are working on curved edges, using a fence only might not work. You will need to set the fence and attach the starter pin. You would need some form of support so as to prevent rough cuts and damage to the wood piece. The starter pin plays the role of a fulcrum and will enhance the control level when routing curved edges. When you buy a router table, you should confirm if it has the provision for a starter pin.

In order to use your starter pin, you should align the wood piece with the piece and direct it to the bit that is rotating. As soon as the wood piece gets into the bit, you will not have to hold it against the starter pin. 

  • Push Pads

Push-PadsThe push pads serve as cushion and will help to increase pressure on against the table surface. This will also help in protecting your hands from the rotating bits.

Unlike the other accessories that we have highlighted above, this one is not connected to the router table. This is a way that will help in increasing safety as it prevents the wood piece from slipping.

This will also help in adding downward pressure and this provides consistency in the cuts.

  • Push Sticks

Push-SticksThe push stick is ideal for the narrow pieces of wood that need to be routed. The push stick comes with an angled shoe that is long and holds the stock in place. The heel on the push stick will keep the wood piece against the table and the fence simultaneously. You can be able to push your stock all the way past the bit and this will not compromise the quality of the cuts that are made. The pressure applied on the wood piece will maintain smooth and consistent cuts.

The push pads and push sticks are simple yet, very effective accessories that you will use with your router table so as to achieve quality cuts, while enhancing safety. This means that you do not necessarily need complicated set up so as to make precise cuts. These simple accessories will certainly go a long way to ensure that you are safe and the cuts made are accurate.


The router table is a great investment for any wood worker. This will enhance the quality of the work that is done in your workshop. As long as you have the right accessories, you are assured of smooth and consistent cuts. The accessories that we have highlighted above appear to be very simple, yet they will make the ultimate difference in the accuracy of the cuts that are made. Thanks for your reading here – end of this post .

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