NewAir AW-121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review


AW121E wine cooler is manufactured by NewAir, a company known to provide chilling solutions ever since it began manufacturing in 2002. As soon as you unpack this wonderful cooler, you will be surprised not only with its stunning black metallic finish, but also with its inherent features. This product has managed to garner a special place in the lives of wine enthusiasts who want to complement their meals and life, with wine chilled to perfection. NewAir AW121E  is a great relaxation for working professionals, transforming their day-long exertion to a tranquil evening with a glass of their cherished wine.

Product Features

  • Latest Cooling Technology: Your Favorite wine deserves tender and loving care and today, it is quite possible with the latest thermo-electric NewAir AW-121E wine cooler. The aroma and the flavor of wine is maintained at a desired chilling temperature and that too in a silent and vibration free mode.
  • 12-bottle storage: To let your wine harmonize with meals, NewAir AW-121E wine cooler allows you to store 12 bottles at a time.  Another advantage of this storage is that you can customize the interiors according to your needs since all the 3 shelves are removable.
  • Accurate temperature control: Just to make sure that your preferred wine is getting chilled at optimum temperature, two push buttons are given to set the precise temperature. The temperature is displayed on a digital display for better monitoring and control.
  • Solid Storage: With its small size, the NewAir AW-121E 12 bottle thermo-electric wine cooler can be easily fitted on kitchen counters. With a modular design and compact size, it can accommodate well in any area of your home.
  • Stylish Designs: Both the interiors and exteriors will leave you amazed with its innovative design and looks. The wine bottles are illuminated with blue reflected rays, the moment you switch on the cooler. The metallic looks adds décor of your home.

Product Specifications

  • Model Type:                      AW121E
  • Weight:                                26 lbs
  • Rated Voltage:                  115V/60Hz
  • Power Consumption:     50W
  • Certifications:                    ETL
  • Storage Capacity:             12 Bottles
  • Temperature Range:      54 to 66 degrees F
  • Installation:                        Free Standing
  • Cabinet Material:             Metal
  • Color :                                   Black

Who must buy NewAir 12-bottle wine cooler

NewAir has been designing wine coolers for a variety of users. NewAir AW-121E 12 bottle thermo-electric wine cooler can be used in these applications.

  • This NewAir  AW-121E 12 bottle thermo-electric wine cooler is best suited for the people who are always on the move. This wine cooler can be easily carried for picnics and outings.
  • It is the best wine cooler for those who want to savor the glass of their favorite wine in game-rooms or living rooms. All credit goes to the compactness and stylish looks.
  • It can be gifted to your dear ones to cherish the special moments of life.

Benefits of NewAir 12-bottle free standing wine cooler

  • NewAir has been an authority in the field of wine and beverage appliances. NewAir AE121E wine cooler has all the needed features, a good wine cooler should have.
  • The biggest benefit of NewAir 12 bottle wine cooler is its capability to maintain the temperatures so accurately that you can rest assure that the quality and the taste of your favorite wine remains perfect.
  • Other advantages include the size of this cooler, the way it is constructed, allows the users to move it easily and can fit in any area of the house.


How does NewAir AE121E wine cooler works

Refrigeration process works on two technologies.

Compressor based coolers consume high electrical energy and creates vibration and noise. Thermo-electric cooling is the most advanced cooling methods of the two. It consumes less power and is silent in working. Thermo-electric wine cooler’s cooling depends on the ambient temperature. So, it is advisable to have a moderate temperature in the area of installation. After installation, you have to set the desired temperature according to the wine you are going to store. NewAir AE121E maintains the set temperature, thus keeping the flavors of wine intact.

User review and recommendation

90% of customers have rated it with 4.0 stars. Here is our recommendation for this stunning wine cooler.

  • Feature and price                                                            9/10
  • Advantage benefit.                                                         9/10
  • Installation, warranty, maintenance.                       9/10

User guidance, maintenance and issues-fixing

Users are advised to perform following pre-installation steps:

  • After unpacking it, do not power it on instantly. Rather leave it in standing position for at least 2 hours to settle the cooling system.
  • Level the cooler with leveler foot provided at the bottom of the cooler.
  • Clean the interiors with warm-water and baking soda since it will undo any factory-foul smell.
  • Proper electrical grounding should be provided.
  • Keep this AW121E cooler away from surrounding walls by at least 5 inches to maintain desired ambient temperature.

The manufacturer is liable to replace or repair defective parts within one year of the date of purchase.

Conclusion and review summary

With NewAir 12-bottle wine cooler, you can store favorite Reds or Whites at an ideal temperature. Wine lovers are going to love this scintillating and fabulous wine cooler with a capacity of 12 bottles. With great customer reviews all over, the only thing that can be said about NewAir AW121E wine cooler is that “What a great wine cooler this is, the best I have ever seen. Highly recommended!!

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