Open Utility Trailer Vs. Enclosed Cargo Trailer

In order to make an informed decision when choosing between an open utility trailer and an enclosed cargo trailer, let us look at the strengths and flaws of both trailer models.

Cargo Trailer

Here we go!

Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Getting an enclosed cargo trailers douglas ga requires tact and caution no doubt. Visiting any of the trailer stores will give you an excellent opportunity to assess the features of the trailer first hand. In the meantime, understanding the strengths and flaws will help you make better decisions. How about we check that out?


A. This type of trailer protects you and your cargo from weather, whether you are transporting or simply storing cargo.
B. It provides a level of security since you can lock up the trailer and rest assured that your cargo is safe.
C. Your enclosed cargo trailer can be transformed into several functions. From office space to business space to even a party venue. All you need is to be able to tweak the features to achieve this.
D. You also get to carry more cargo


A. Enclosed cargo trailers are much heavier than their open counterparts and are thus more difficult to handle when being towed.
B. It cost more to buy or hire an enclosed cargo trailer. Then, there are also the extra costs of buying more fuel because of the increased consumption of fuel when towing it.
You may need to visit stores that deal in enclosed cargo trailers in Douglas, GA to seek expert advice.

Open Utility Trailer


A. The open utility trailer is generally lighter than the enclosed cargo trailer. So as a rule, it is easier for a tow vehicle to manage it when both are connected. Its lightweight also leads to fuel effectiveness, thereby saving fuel costs in the long run.
B. The open space eliminates worries about headroom or visibility. When tall cargo like plants are being transported, the open space makes it the preferred means of transporting vehicles.
C. It is easier to load. More importantly, you can transport just about any kind of cargo without the boxed-in restrictions of enclosed cargo trailers.
D. It is also cheaper than its enclosed counterpart.


A. It is at the mercy of atmospheric elements and weather conditions which may damage cargo. It is also more likely to rust than the enclosed model
B. There is the risk of transported cargo falling off, especially when they are oversized.
C. Transporting oversize cargo in severe weather conditions is a potential risk for the parties involved.

Making the Right Choice

Making the right choice boils down to your intent and budget. While the enclosed trailer models keep your cargo safe from the weather, provides privacy and security and is big enough to carry more, it is an expensive investment. On the other side, the open utility trailer is lighter, cheaper and more flexible. Let your intent help you choose.

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