Top 5 Most Popular Toilet Hire Solutions

Toilet facilities are an essential component of any outdoor event, so it is worth considering what facilities you are going to hire to help keep your guests happy.

There is a range of toilet hire facilities on the market, and this article will take you through the top 5 most popular toilet hire solutions.

1. Standard Recirculating Toilet

The standard recirculating toilet is by far the most popular toilet hire facility on the market. This unit is versatile, excellent value for money and ideal for any outdoor event.

These toilets are fully independent of power and plumbing, making them easy to deploy in any location. Standard recirculating toilets from reputable suppliers will also come equipped with hand sanitizers and toilet roll dispensers.

So, whether you are planning to organize a food festival, music festival or any other kind of event for that matter you can hire standard recirculating toilets from a reliable supplier.

If you fail to have the required number of toilets in your venue, you will end up facing a lot of problems.

2. Male Urinal Unit

Great for busy events, male urinal units help keep toilet queues shorter and reduce waste. They are available in both 4 and 6 man unit options; the 4 man unit is preferred for small spaces, whilst the 6 man unit offers 50% more capacity with no extra time setting up.

So, if you are looking forward to organizing a sporting event, or you are planning to execute a large-scale construction project, you can hire male urinal units to fulfill your requirements.

Considering the fact that, hygiene and sanitation are very important, you can’t ignore the significance of urinal units, when it comes to running your event smoothly. And the best part is that you can hire them at cost-effective rates.

3. 4+2 Luxury Toilet Trailer

If you are hosting a premium event, or are simply looking for a toilet hire solution that has more to offer than the standard recirculating toilet, then the 4+2 luxury toilet trailer is a great option.

These highly sought after trailers come equipped with four female toilets, two males toilets, three urinals, full-length mirrors and hand wash and dry area.

They are highly popular in the film/tv industry thanks to their portability and touch of luxury.

They can also be used with a mains connection flush system or away from power as mechanical recirculating toilets.

4. Hotwash Recirculating Toilet Unit

The hotwash recirculating toilet possesses many of the features found on the luxury toilet trailer, but in portaloo form.

It comprises an instant water heater, 145-liter waste tank, 75-liter arm wash sink, antibacterial liquid soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, toilet roll, mirror and coat hook.

The portaloo requires a connection to power and uses a 16 amp 240-volt plug.

These units are ideal for those who are planning to organize grand events. So, if you are also not ready to compromise on any sort of facilities, you should go for the hotwash recirculating toilets without giving it a second thought.

5. Portable Disabled Toilet Unit

Portable disabled toilets are a requirement at any event that provides facilities, so it is an obviously popular choice for event planners.

These toilets have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the disabled. They offer a wide floor space that is ideal for both wheelchair and pushchair use.

They contain handrails to ease access and can also be used for baby changing facilities.

This article was supplied by SPR Toilet Hire – experts in toilet hire facilities for events and construction projects.

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