What is Portable Athletic Field Light?

One of the first things that pop in your mind while thinking of a sports field is the lighting arrangement. Most of the grounds that don’t even host night matches install lighting for safety and security purposes. However, in the majority of cases, when building a sport or an athletic stadium, the lighting becomes essential for hosting night matches.

However, that requires a great deal of labor and time; not to forget the money too! That’s when the portable athletic field lights come in! They are cheaper and are becoming popular for their easy and user-friendly features.

There are various constituents of portable sports lighting, such as LED lights, light pole, generator, and the mobile cart. Let’s quickly discuss the constituents.

1. LED lights

Today LED is the best light source. The main benefit of LED lights is that they are economical and help you bring down the electric expense drastically. In addition to that LED lights last longer as well as compared to traditional lights. LED lights are also very popular with indoor games as well as they don’t generate much heat and are easy on the eyes too. The sports can be more comfortable when they are playing football under high-power lighting.

2. Light pole

You must have seen the composite, rugged, and durable light poles. These light poles are probably one of the things that come to your mind when you think of a sports field. However, these rugged and durable light poles are something that developed with time and technology. The light poles are designed for tough and big jobs that require much more light. However, with time they also went modification and are now available in a compact size suitable for sports field having different sizes.

3. Generator

The generator is another crucial constituent of a portable light tower. Hand-Pushed mobile lighting is widely used for football fields. They are usually used for night lighting for various purposes like mine construction, bridges, highways, etc. They are now gaining popularity in athletic fields as well.

Diesel, gasoline, and propane are the common fuels used in the generator. Among them, gasoline is the best fit for a small & portable generator. However, it is highly combustible, so we should handle the fuel with extra care. If you want to reduce the change of getting fire, you can select a diesel fuel generator as it is less flammable. However, it might not work under extreme cold weather.

4. Mobile Cart

Mobile carts are the compact and versatile carts that reduce the setup time and can offer many benefits and options. They can contribute greatly in lowering the cost for a football field. They are usually lightweight and very compact and we can easily carry or drag them to any place.

Benefits of mobile light towers

  • Easy to install and be transport
  • They do not require too many labor power
  • Easy to transport
  • They are much economic when comparing to the conventional high mast lighting


  • They can provide limited power as compared to the big light towers
  • They cannot cover a huge area or a sports field

Portable sports field lights are very popular now because of their compact size and easy usability. They do not require much hardship to install, unlike the conventional light poles. In addition to that, they are much cheaper than permanent light poles. They come with LED lights which not only save energy, but also takes down the electric bill, and they are easy on eyes too. Therefore, if you are planning to start your own personal sports field with minimal investment and high return – the portable field lights are the right option.

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