PORTER-CABLE 698 Bench Top Router Table Review

The Porter-Cable 698 Router Table is a fantastic model for learners and beginners, mostly for the reason that it makes available a bulky tabletop. It has dust gathering modes and a split-fence layout, in addition to compatibility with other models of routers.

In essence, an individual gets more flexibility while making use of this model, hence one can work on various projects without difficulties. Attributing to this, it is an ideal device to have especially for users who are just getting started with woodworking.


  • With a perfect heaviness of 37 pounds in addition to a compacted dimension of 30 x 19.7 x 9.6 inches, a user can effortlessly carry the table around.
  • The proficient folding layout on the implement’s legs makes it suitable for storage rationales.
  • The model has a giant enclosure that has protected MDF appearances, which make it likely to deal with longer accumulations.
  • Cutting exactness is aided by the bit height modification setting.


  • Huge 19-3/4-inch 16-3/4-inch aluminum peak that efficiently shores up the table expansions.
  • It has a 3/4-inch Miter Gauge opening
  • Various starting pin settings
  • An adjusted split-fence layout with separately adjustable halves with huge 3-5/8-inch table hole dimensions permits the usage of 3-1/2-inch width router bits
  • It usually comes with a table as well as a miter measurement

Who Is This Router Table Ideal For ?

Given that this combination offers consumers as many aspects as they require in order initiating a new venture, it is suitable for new learners. The system has an ideal price, hence won’t be much costly and would favor those that have a need for a quick replacement. Attributable to such an occurrence, anyone who wishes to start carving out his/her profession as a woodworker will entirely have access to it.


Porter-Cable 690LR
  • This model has several features that make it easy for the connection and disconnection of the router as well as the entire working table.
  • This router table works well with the Porter-Cable 690LR fixed base router which has a 1-3/4 HP motor has a cam-lock lever, which enables coarse height adjustments as well as releasing of the motor.


Other Benefits

Porter-Cable 698 Router Table
3.53.5 / 5
The Porter-Cable 698 Router Table is a fantastic model for learners and beginners, mostly for the reason that it makes available a bulky tabletop.
  • The model has an enclosed section into the table, which is meant accurateness and better dust collection methods.
  • The model has an extensive stand that accommodates huge amounts.
  • Its design lessens the noise intensities in the workplace.
  • The usage of lock down screws makes sure that there is an appropriate modification of height.
  • The elevated barrier doubles up as a perpendicular jointer.

Installation and Maintenance Guide

  • The user ought to follow the guidebook that comes with this device in an attempt to perfectly connect all the components in their exact places.
  • Bring together the stand and place the fence in position.
  • The adjustment of the fence ought to follow, through the usage of clamps and Level-Loc rings.the plate in its location and fasten the router in a desirable position.During, the bit guard plus dust collection modes will put off any wood chips in addition to saw dust from distressing the worker.
  • Download Porter-Cable 698 Router Table Manual Guide Here

Maintenance Guide of Porter-Cable 698

  • The user should always and recurrently make sure that the device is clean.
  • This should be made easier through the process of emptying the dust compilation port.
  • Additionally, the user ought to at all-time make certain that all the features in the equipment are cleaned in addition to being stored safely. Additionally, it is essential to oil all the moving parts.


Even though the PORTER-CABLE 698 has some predicaments associated with it, the model is always ideal for learners as it is easy to operate. In addition, the model makes available a versatile mode that characterizes its features, hence the aspect of constancy. In general, the PORTER-CABLE 698 Bench Top Router Table offers an extensive workspace hence not only ideal but enviable as well, despite its shortcomings.

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