PowerPro 56101 2-Stroke Generator


A generator is an essential appliance for home and business use. It is used to supply electric power in case of a power outage. Even if the electricity is out for several hours, you can still go on with your daily home, office, and other work-related activities with the use of this device. Generators don’t actually create electrical energy. According to one website, a generator “uses the mechanical energy supplied to it to force the movement of electric charges present in the wire of its windings through an external electric circuit. This flow of electric charges constitutes the output electric current supplied by the generator.”

Although ordinary individuals like us find it hard to fully understand the mechanism of generators, we know for a fact that generators are indispensable in today’s generation where the everyday lifestyle of people is not complete without using modern gadgets. These gadgets, in turn, use electricity to work.

Today, we will learn some details about PowerPro 56101 2-Stroke Generator. This product is dubbed as one of the best brand/model of generators in the market nowadays.

Product Specification

PowerPro 56101 2-Stroke Generator, 1000-watt

  • Brand : PowerPro
  • Model : 56101
  • Type of Product : Generator (2-Stroke)
  • Starting Power : 1000 Watts
  • Running Power : 900 Watts
  • Product Dimensions : 14 x 12 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight : 35.5 lbs. or 16.10 kilos


  • Carrying Handle for Maximum Portability
  • 4 Rubber Pads as Stabilizer
  • Uses Oil / Gas Mix Fuel
  • Quiet Exhaust System
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Benefits of Choosing PowerPro 56101 2-Stroke Generator

First, PowerPro 56101 only weighs 16 kilos; so, you will not have a hard time moving it from one place to another even if you do not ask help from somebody else. Second, it comes with a carry handle and stabilizer. The handle is important when transporting the generator while the four rubber pads stabilize the machine when it is positioned in one place. The third benefit of using PowerPro 56101 2-Stroke Generator is its quiet exhaust system that keeps you free from the irritating noise most traditional generators produce. The fourth benefit is you do not need to change oil since this model uses oil/gas mix fuel.


User’s Guide: Proper Installation, Usage, Maintenance and Repair

If you are new to using an electric generator, then it is important that you know its main components first. These components include the engine, alternator, fuel system, voltage regulator, cooling and exhaust systems, control panel, and the main frame.

Installing a portable generator is easy but it needs careful attention to every detail. First, choose a wiring system. You have the option to use an interlock kit as long as it is allowed in your area or locality. Remember that although installing it yourself could be a cheap option, it could be unsafe for your household.

Another option is a manual transfer switch. This is more expensive and its installation requires the help of a professional electrician. After choosing a wiring system, determine the appliances and devices you plan to use and know their respective power requirement or wattage. As a tip, never connect your generator directly to your breaker box. It is also not recommended to connect the same portable device to a washing machine or dryer outlet.

Some Useful Maintenance Tips for Your PowerPro 56101 2-Stroke Generator:

  1. Slowly pour the oil and avoid filling the tank to the brim. You can use a headlight during tank filling.
  2. Generators are easily damaged when they run out of gas. Therefore, keep the tank filled.
  3. Backfeeding or using a double-ended cord to run power backward into a receptacle is a big no-no!
  4. Store gasoline in a safe place.
  5. Keep your PowerPro 56101 from getting wet.

When it comes to repair, if you think you can’t handle fixing it yourself, better ask the help of a generator technician or repair specialist.



Having PowerPro 56101 2-Stroke Generator at home means still being able to watch TV, use the cellphone, or play games in your modern devices even when the electricity is out. It also means still being able to use the laptop or computer in the office and go on with other business activities.

Otherwise, if you are someone who loves adventure with close friends, then having the PowerPro 56101 signifies you can go camping anytime, anywhere and have the confidence you will have ample supply of electricity regardless of your destination.

In addition to all the wonderful features of this product that are stated above, the best thing about PowerPro 56101 is that it is safe to use. It features a spark arrestor. Hence, it is safe to use in forests and national parks.

Functionality, good quality, and affordable price; these are what you will get from PowerPro 56101 2-Stroke Generator. As what you can read in other reviews, this product is a proof that great things come in small package. Who cares if its small when it has big capabilities?

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