Pro Tips to Keep Your Home Clean for Dog Owners

Welcoming a puppy or dog in your house can be a mixture of emotions. You are ecstatic about the new addition and also worried whether you will be able to handle all the responsibilities.

While everyone agrees that dogs are a secret to a happier and healthier life, they can also be the reason for a messy house. Sometime things will not as easy as giving your dogs fish oil soft chews to keep them busy while cleaning their mess. So read on to find out some proven methods for a fresh and clean pet-friendly home.

Pro Tips to Keep Your Home Clean for Dog Owners

Keep Your Pets Clean

You don’t need to wash your dog daily as it dries their coat. Washing once every few weeks or when they are getting stinky should be enough to keep them clean.

Invest in good dog shampoo and conditioner to maintain a shiny coat. Make their bath time fun with relaxing music and offer treats.

Regularly brushing your dog will help you to keep a dog hair-free house. Try to accustom your dog to brushing from an early age and you will see it will become a fun activity for both you and the dog.

If the weather is favorable, brush outside to prevent the risk of allergy.

It is also important to trim nails regularly to protect your hardwood floors from scratch marks. Take help from a professional dog groomer if you are unsure.

Stock up Your Cleaning Supplies

This ensures that supplies are readily available when needed. For hardwood floors, sweepers are a good option as they trap the dirt and hair. Also, remember to dust often as pets tend to increase the dust content of homes.

Spot removers and vacuum cleaners are essential for cleaning pet mess.

To save up, you can alternatively use baking soda, vodka, and vinegar as cleaning agents. Simply sprinkle baking soda before vacuuming to remove odor. Vinegar can be used to clean toys.

Stop Mud and Dirt at the Door

You can train your pet using the bark control pro. This will also help train your dog so that it does not get too hyperactive and litter excessively.

Keep a towel and a container of lukewarm water before going on walks. Place a mat on both sides of the door and train your pet to wait until you have finished wiping the muddy paws.

Dog Food Placemat

Pets tend to make a mess while eating so keep easy to clean rubber placemat under the dog dish.

Choose Dog-Friendly Furniture

When selecting furniture fabrics choose leather or microfiber as they are easy to wipe out and less like to trap hair. If you don’t want to compromise your furniture taste then vacuum your furniture weekly.

Invest in a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Look for those with strong suction good filter and brush action which will work on furniture, upholstery, rugs, and floors. This will not only remove hair but also prevent odor. Be sure to regularly clean the filter.

For clothing, a lint roller is a more effective option.

Clean Your Dog’s Things Regularly

This includes their toys, beds, and blankets which should be washed every week and dried in the sun. Choose water-resistant, easy to wipe beds to reduce your work.

Decorate and declutter by keeping toys in baskets in every part of your house.

Let the Fresh Air in

Fresh air can make a world of difference to a pet smelling house. Keep the windows open to deodorize your house. For cold days even 10 minutes is enough.

Give Your Dog Enough Exercise

Exercise is good for both you and your pet. Your dog will be less likely to be up to mischief when it is tired than when it is boring. Keep chew-toys accessible to them when you are not around to keep them entertained.


Pets can be messy but the joy they bring makes any downsides look trivial. Cleaning up does not always need to be a tedious job. With these tips, it can turn into a fun activity and a great bonding opportunity between you and your dog.

So quickly clear up the mess and go on to enjoy a long walk with your loyal furry friend.

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