Proper Management of a Band Saw

Quantity is highly recommended when ordering blades for your band saw. In life, very few things manage a 100% assurance but as for a band saw expect a breakage. Have an extra band saw in hand to prevent you from breaking your only blade when in process of your project. Having done order blades, you’re able to find the best friendly prices online but you must give some time for delivery and shipping costs. It’s always cheaper to purchase blades from a vendor who specializes in band saw blades than buying them from the saw manufacturer. You can have your blades custom-welded to any length you need if by bad luck you don’t find the exact size your band saw uses.

Safety with Bandsaw

Safety with Bandsaw

Resawing Tips

When you want aspecialized band saw for a specific purpose such as re sawing, you might face the challenge of getting a reasonably smooth cut but not to contain several teeth that it causes a lot of friction, heat and such a case, it’s advisable to purchase directly from the manufacturer the band saw you require. The band saws designed to cut tight curves are usually 1/8narrow. I’ve realized that for most curves, 1/4 blades to be sufficiently narrow. A blade can track tighter curves than wider blades though the narrower the blade the more likely it will increase breaking chances. A scroll saw might be better tool than a band saw in really tight curves.resawing blades are required to be always wider as much as your band saw can manage.

Your Block Guides/Pins

Blocks and ball bearing guides are the two basic types of blade guides on a band saw. Smooth metal, non-metallic composite or ceramic material can be used to make blocks. It’s more expensive to use ball bearing guides but they reduce friction and heat making it easier on blades. To restrain the blade from moving left or right, a single block or bearing behind the band saw blade from moving from right or left and a single block or bearing behind the band saw to keep it from moving backwards when pressure is applied to the front of the blade by the work piece, you can make use of guides since they’re available in all blades purposely for managing that. Manufactures carter can be used to get instructions of ball bearing guides after markets’. Ball bearing guides are usually equipped in the more expensive band saws.

Motor Protection

Large band saws usually have three phase motors just like any other stationary power tools. Unless you have three phase power available at the place where you’ll be using your band saw then don’t even think of purchasing one. You cannot find a three phase power in residential areas unless you go to a power company in commercial or industrial areas. You have to use a phase converter that is large enough for the power requirement of your largest three phase motor in order to have three phase power in a home woodworking shop. You will require a correspondingly larger phase converter in case you’re planning to run more than one three phase motor at a time. Rotary (looks like a big electronic motor) and electronic are the only two types of phase converters. You can search for phase converters online though rotary is the best.

Use the Right Band

In case you’re planning on cutting metal or very dense hardwoods a two speed band saw is recommended. When you need to extend blades life then you’ll have to run your band saw on the slow adjusted speed and expect that it will take longer to make your cuts and reduce heat and friction. It’s very easy to get a metal cutting band saw blades used in cutting mild steel and non-ferrous metals. Never attempt to cut a wood with a metal cutting band saw and also never even think of cutting a metal with a wood cutting band saw blade.

Cutting Metals

Bare metal at times is used to make band saws wheels. Your band saw wheels should have rubber tires that are glued onto or inserted into grooves in the metal band saw wheels in case you want to track narrow blades. Remember that the tires are crowned. You can have the blade to maintain one position on the tires or metal wheels by adjusting the blade tracking device.

Blade Tensioning

To increase or decrease blade tension another adjustment has to move the upper band saw wheel up and down. The tension has to be released in order to change band saw blades and on a newer band saws, you can at times find a lever that performs this for you. In case you don’t find it, then you’ll have to install a new blade on the wheels by loosening the tension knob well enough. Using the table blade tension scale re apply the tension appropriately to the blade width you’re using. Narrow blades usually need less tension than wider blades. If too much tension is applied, narrow blades can break. When insufficient tension is used the large band saw blades can wander off the band saws’ wheels. Refer to the tension scale on your band saw never assume.


Disconnect power to the monitor and turn the upper wheel using your free hand to make sure that the band saw blade is tracking well after its tensioned well. You can also make the band saw blade stay in the approximate center of your wheels by making appropriate tilt adjustments to the upper wheel. You’ll find a hand wheel or knob purposed for that.

You can still track a band saw blade if the wheels are slightly out of alignment with respect to each such a situation, being more to the front of the other wheel, the band saw blade will be more to the back of one wheel. It’s not a big issue for the band saw blade to stay on the wheels cutting but the discrepancy should eventually be adjusted or turned out of your band saw. You can now start cutting after your band saw blade starts tracking properly.




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