Real Vs Fake Security Cameras

Letting your kids alone at home is a deal of great risk, not only kids but if you think your parents, family or your precious things that are left alone is safe, then you must be hallucinating. Remember it’s not a matter of overprotection since nothing is safe in this era but if you have an effective security plan and they are obvious to your place for everyone than its better and reduces the chance of burglary and theft. After all, nowadays there is even a need for swimming pool safety measures.

Be careful when choosing a camera

No one wants to leave their precious belonging at its own, whether it’s a thing or a person. However, if you google and search the effective ways of home security then there are numerous ways you will find, but the most feasible method to secure your property is the home security cameras, which not only enables you to peek in the house or area you have placed your camera but it also gives access to let you talk to your family as well.

On the other hand, one of the effective ways of home security is the fake or dummy security cameras which are not only less costly but create a nice facade for the lookers or robbers that they remain at bay and avoid to enter the property, hence bluffed they are being watched.  

Merits and demerits of dummy cameras or fake security cameras

Since the dummy security cameras excellently create a false pretense and keep the burglars away, they are the second most demanding and feasible way to protect the property. But remember, it is not a long term security method, it wouldn’t last longer to protect nor this method has much to give you as real security cameras do.

  1. They can’t deter potential burglars but they do scare off the minor intruders. When the intruders see the lens pointed towards them they often get confused easily and walk out the premises to avoid getting arrested.
  2. They are much cheaper than real security cameras. If you compare s full real security system with this dummy, there is a lot of difference in the amount you need to invest.
  3. There is a significant cut down on the cost of installation since there’s no wire requires to power on these fake security cameras being non-functional, there are no fee or installation efforts you need to pay for the mounting.

Demerits of fake security cameras

  1. In the first glance of an amateur burglar, this camera may not be seen as a fake but for a professional thief the case is not that simple nor this camera is applicable in an area often unsafe and where robberies are frequently filed.
  2. If there is a real crime take place, these fake security cameras are of no use, it wouldn’t help you to catch the culprit since there is no footage or clip this camera can produce.
  3. Once this fake security camera is detected by the burglars, there is more chance of getting robbed. This increases the possibility and invitation to the crime.

Whereas, I would prefer if you want your premises secure from any incident both in your presence and absence, then better to invest well at once and leave the rest on the real security camera. My personal experience taught me there’s so much more that you can’t avail if you simply put a dummy security camera instead of a real one.

Apart from security purpose, there is a fun factor as well which is not available with the fake one. One of which you can’t be the part of the house gathering or a video call you can make with the real cam installed in your lounge. since there are microphones attached in the real security camera.

However, there are some real security cameras who lack this property but in advance security cams this feature is very much available which enable you to communicate to the people or visitors on the door of the house.

Then there is an alarm system, this feature again is not available in dummy, by this whenever you notice any intruder or a person trying to break-ins you can warn him through the alarm system or scare him as well.

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