10 Reasons Why Cordless Stick Vacuums Are Common In USA

Cleaning and dusting have never been easy. And we can only hope for the best as new inventions continue coming up each year. Besides this, they come with adjustable configurations to enable one to optimize them to perform the task with the help of a hand; be it cleaning the floor and carpet or doing something else.

A stick vacuum may not match the power of the top of the range vacuums but it comes with some irresistible and exciting features like; swivel steering, it is cordless, has a rechargeable lithium battery, strong suction power, adjustable handle as well as HEPA filtration which filters out allergens and expels dirt from the air, thereby making it one of the best cordless stick vacuums we have around. No wonder it has become so popular in the United States nowadays!

The following are 10 reasons why it is considered the best cordless vacuum:

1. Its size and weight

This gadget is small, light in weight (around ten pounds) and thus can easily be carried around to where it is needed. Nevertheless, you can still use your normal cleaning tool and dusting to perform your routine tasks but suppose yourself carrying over 20 pounds machine just to clean a little spill on the carpet while you could use this light handheld device!

2. Cost

This cordless stick vacuum performs many tasks, and its cost is notwithstanding. If you are on a tight budget, this vacuum is ideal for you. It is pocket-friendly due to its small size and it has a small motor. Furthermore, it does not come with many attachments that come with big machines.

3. Ideal for quick cleanups

If you have never owned a cordless stick vacuum, then you may not be aware how convenient this tool is. Big machines are meant for big tasks and are mostly used in routine dustings, but suppose receiving a call from your friends that they will be passing by in the next few minutes and your big carpet areas are untidy. If you are facing such difficulty, then you don’t have to worry, as this tool is quick and easy to use and allows you clean even the difficult reach areas without requiring you to move things around for space.

4. Less storage space

Americans who live in small apartments prefer this vacuum as it is one that can be stored in a room with limited storage space. Since it has a removable waste bag, it consumes less space and thus can even be stored under a bed or table. Again, due to its lightweight, some of them are nowadays coming with a wall mount to enable you to hang them on the wall to save floor space.

5. Their convenience

While one is buying a machine for whatever use, its ease of use is a key consideration. No one wants to buy a machine that will give them a hectic time to operate. The same happens when buying vacuum cleaners and that is where cordless stick vacuums shine. They have powerful enough suck to clean dust and debris from carpets and hardwood floors. With just one pass they can clean square feet – their convenience in dust and allergens removal is just incredible.

6. Removable waste bags

Some machines have fixed waste containers making it hard to empty them. Their weight compounds the situation as it means that is hard to carry them outside to empty them and thus you are forced to do it inside your room thereby contaminating the air inside. But the situation is different with this cordless stick machine as it has a removable waste bag; something that makes it one of the best stick vacuums, as its waste bag can be removed, emptied or replaced.

7. Motor noise

It is common knowledge that all vacuum machines produce motor noise. Nevertheless, the size of the noise depends on your machine size and type. The bigger it is, the louder the noise and this may disturb your neighbors, but with a cordless mini motorized tool, you can go about your duties without disturbing others as it produces low decibel noise yet producing power enough to clean even high pile carpets.

8. Adjustable handles

Most of these machines have adjustable handles meaning the length of their handles is variable depending on your height, the task you are performing and its location. If you have a big machine, ordinarily you would have to move beds and other furniture for you to clean but with this tool, you can reach areas without moving anything an inch. This is because it is equipped with an adjustable handle, which can be adjusted to clean hard reach places like under the beds.

9. Rechargeable batteries

These gadgets come with a long-lasting lithium-ion batteries meaning you can do so much more with just hours fully charged. This also means that they do not have to be constantly plugged in AC power outlets to function and this enables one to clean even areas with no power outlets unlike in battery-less ones where you have to string two or more power extension cables just to reach such areas. With their rechargeable and long-lasting battery, about sixty (60) minutes full charge will get you long enough clean before thinking of recharging it.

10. Cordless

This is another feature that makes them popular with Americans. Imagine being limited in your work by the size of your machine’s cord as it happens with iron boxes! This is not amusing but with this versatile cordless vacuum cleaner, you can move around the room without minding about the cables as it doesn’t have one. Once you charge it and detach the charging cable from the power source; that is it. It runs for minutes and you can get around furniture without limitations given by cable lengths.

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