Red light therapy for stretch marks -Ultimate Buying Guide 2019

Stretch marks can come in different ways, you can develop stretch marks when you got pregnant, or as a result of increasing body weight. Many people often wonder if it is possible to smoothen out stretch marks and cellulite, without paying too much, and fortunately, red light therapy is the only non-invasive method to deal with this problem, other treatment methods like surgery are invasive and they come with side effects, also they are expensive. The Red light therapy for stretch marks removes stretch marks and other skin imperfections within the shortest period of time.

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Let’s check TOP 3 red light therapy for stretch marks devices we picked

Review of top Red light therapy for stretch marks devices

There are quite a number of red light for therapy stretch marks in the market today, however, high-end products will always have an edge over the rest for a number of reasons. Here are the top red light therapy products;

Review of top Red light therapy for stretch marks devices
Which light therapy for stretch marks devices should you buy?

1. Tanda Luxe Skin Rejuvenation Photofacial Device

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Tanda Luxe Skin Rejuvenation Photofacial Device
3.43.4 / 5

Tanda Luxe is a Red light therapy for stretch marks, approved by the FDA. This product has several advantages, they are cordless and that means, they are very convenient. Secondly, these products are rechargeable, thus you can use them continuously. This product is portable, and it only turns on only when it gets in touch with the skin. The main disadvantage of this products is that they focus only on the use of red light, which requires up to 660nm wavelength, thus their usages are limited.

Tanda Luxe comes with several accessories, including the recharging stand that connects directly to a power source, a power supply, and goggles, to protect your eyes when using the product on your skin. Though Tanda Luxe is very affordable, however, these ranges of products are not as affordable as most low-end products, higher-priced products are more efficient and more comfortable. Another disadvantage of this product is that it must not be over-recharged for too long; in order to avoid damaging the battery- you cannot find this problem most recommendable high-end products.

2. The LightStim red light therapy for stretch marks and wrinkles

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LightStim for Wrinkles
55 / 5

The LightStim red light therapy can be used effectively in removing wrinkles and stretch marks. The product has been in the market since the year 2002, and the product has gained attention from the big names in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

The product has won numerous awards, and such include the prestigious American Spa Professional’s Choice Award, and the Aesthetician’s Choice Award. Unlike Tanda Luxe that relies only on Red light to achieve results, LightStim several colored rights to achieve ideal results . The LightSim comes with 72 different LEDs that are divided among several different colors, including Amber, Infra-Red and Dark Red.

Another advantage of LightSim is that it comes with an app that can be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices. You need to use this product for only 3 minutes on each part of your skin, but many see this as a disadvantage because it can be time-consuming, the ideal treatment products do not require as much as 3 minutes to use on different sections of the skin. LightStim will provide positive results within 8 weeks of usage.

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3. The Norlanya Red Light Photon therapy machine

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NORLANYA RED Light Therapy Machine
3.63.6 / 5

This stretch mark machine comes in two colors – Red and Blue, and the wavelength for the Red light therapy varies from 650 to 720 nm. This skin treatment machine only works when it comes in direct contact with the skin and tis ensures that it does not damage the eyes. While other red light products make use of continuous Red light emission, the Norlanya red light photon machine makes use of continuous mode system, but many are unsure whether pulsing light mode is beneficial or not. This product comes with a USB cord, thus, it is rechargeable from direct electricity source, or the computer and it can make use of smartphone chargers.

Though, Norlanya red light photon therapy machine is comfortable to take around , even when you are traveling, but the fact that there are no warranty information available for the product can be a disadvantage. Ideal stretch mark product must come with warranties, as well as money back guaranty, in addition to the fact that they are safe, quicker and much more comfortable than most red light treatment therapies in the market today. Another major advantage with Norlanya red Light photon therapy machine is that it can be more expensive than the average red light devices in the market.

Buying Guide for Red Light therapy for stretch marks

There are several factors to consider when buying a red light therapy products for treating stretch marks, these include;

  • General safety of red light therapy product
  • The cost and budget for the product
  • The comfortability or usability of the red light therapy product
  • Your goal
  • Sensitivity of your skin to the product

1. General safety of the red light therapy product

The number one factor that should guide you in choosing a red light therapy for stretch marks is whether the product comes with side effects. An ideal product must come with Goggles, especially for those who are susceptible to eye strains or headache. You should consider a product that poses little or no risk to your eyes. Though LED red light therapy devices, used at home for treating stretch marks and other skin problems can become warm, but not too hot to handle- any device that gets too hot to handle simply means the device is faulty.

General safety of the red light therapy product

If you take some medications that can increase the sensitivity of your skin to red light, then you must consult your doctor before buying a red light therapy product. Some individuals do complain that skin conditions such as acne suddenly flare up after they started using some red light therapy devices; you need to check that your preferred product does not cause problems like this. The ideal product must not aggravate your skin problem, rather it is expected to rectify them, therefore, you must conduct your own investigations, to be sure of what you are dealing with.

2. The cost and budget for the product

Regardless of the cost of the red light therapy product you are buying, you must not compromise quality for cost- this means, you must go for quality first. The cheapest red light devices are not usually the most suitable for your skin, likewise, the most expensive ones, are not always the best, in terms of quality.

The cost and budget for the product

Always go for the red light therapy products that provides as many accessories as possible in their packages, these may include; goggles and charger, and batteries. In considering the costs of red light therapy products, you need to consider also the expensive alternatives such as the use of expensive skin serums, dermatology treatments and other skin surgical treatments, and you will see that Red light therapy treatments cost a fraction of such alternatives.

Aside the real cost of the red light therapy products, the availability of money-back guaranty and special warranties can provide you with a great bargain, therefore you must watch out for such additional policies. There is no point wasting your money on a product that you have never used before and at the end of the treatment you don’t achieve the desired result.

3. The comfortability or usability of the red light therapy product

An ideal Red light therapy device must not just be durable; it must provide a great deal of comfort for the user. You need to consider the comfortability of a product before paying for it. You should ask yourself questions like; does the product feel lighter in the hand? Can I use it comfortably without accidentally making it come in contact with my eyes? Can I handle it while it’s being charged? Does it get too hot that it becomes uncomfortable to touch?

The comfortability or usability

An ideal Red light therapy product must not get too hot to handle, if it does, then it means there is a mechanical or electrical fault within, or possibly one of its safety components is missing, or broken. The best red light therapy product only works when it comes in contact with the skin.

Secondly, a comfortable product must come with an automatic switch-off, that turns the device off when fully charged. A safe product should be comfortably used whether it is being recharged or not, and it must not come with sharp edges or points that can cause injuries when not in use. An ideal red light therapy device must be able to store or packaged comfortably after use.

4. Your goal on buying a red light therapy device for stretch marks

Your goal

Simply put, your goal in this situation is the result you want to achieve with the use of a Red Light therapy device. If the only goal you have is to treat your stretch marks, then you may use the device for a less period of time, however, if you have other skin issues such as acne, eczema and wrinkles, then you may have to consult with your doctor before choosing any red light therapy product while many treatment products can only provide guaranty on treating stretch marks.

Others do claim they can treat other skin disorders, however, there has been growing concerns on the possibility of some Red light therapy products, worsening skin conditions such as acne. For this reason, you must have a specific goal in mind when buying a product of this nature. If the product says that it is only effective for stretch marks only, then you must not apply it on acne or pimples.

You need to set a reasonable goal when treating stretch marks with red light therapy products. The period at which stretch marks are completely treated, vary from one product to the other, therefore, it is ideal to set a reasonable goal of between 4-12 weeks or even more, for a complete treatment of your stretch marks.

5. Sensitivity of your skin to the product

The sensitivity of your skin to the Red light therapy product must be considered when buying your choice. While some products can increase the sensitivity of your skin because they only work on red lights. In this case, you can consider more flexible products that works on different colors, and see which one works best with your sensitive skin. Secondly, you should consider a product that has flexible options of varying the red light intensities according to sensitivity of the skin.

Generally, individual with thicker or darker skins can tolerate red light therapy more than individuals with softer skin. Dry skins may have to be moisturized before the application of Red light therapy device.

Most red light therapy products are designed to be effective on one specific type of skin problems, but when you try to use it for other conditions such as Psoriasis, Rosacea, and Eczema, then you need to consider the sensitivity of your skin to different intensities of the red light products. You should go for a product that treats your stretch marks within the shortest possible time, without any side effects, and the reason being that sensitivity of your skin may increase as you extend the usage of some products.


If you are still hesitating or confused about which red light therapy product for stretch marks to choose, the only advice I will give you as a consumer is to go for one with no side effects and reasonable length of treatment time. With an ideal Red light therapy product, your stretch mark treatment time is reduced, and such treatments do not increase the sensitivity of your skin, neither will your skin develop any side effects.





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