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Introduce the Product

Are you having problems getting vinyl LP quality sound from your new generation turntable? Many buyers are discovering that it’s not easy to reproduce the sound quality they used to get from their old vinyl record turntables.

The Audio Technica AT-LP120 corrects the issues found in many cheaper turntables, so that you can enjoy your records just like you used to appreciate the sound from your old LPs.

Digitizing your LPs Gives them New Life

When you connect the AT-LP120 to your computer, it digitizes your old LP records. It offers a selectable photo pre-amplifier that will allow you to digitize older LPs to higher quality FLAC or MP3 files.

The turntable utilizes a servo motor for the maintenance of accurate speed in rotation of your LPs. This gives new life to your 12 inch and seven inch singles that you probably haven’t played for many years.

Be your own DJ

Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable in SilverYou can use the pitch adjustment of the turntable and the variations of +/- 10 or 20% to play music the way you want it to sound. The platter speed indicator and stylus target light provide you with the assistance you need to line up and play all your favorite tunes.

The professional head shell and cartridge in the turntable plug directly in the tone arm, and this allows the adjustable feet to absorb vibration, which keeps your records level as they play. The sophisticated DJ tools will be fun to play with, once you get your feel for a turntable back.

This unit is designed for professional level use, but it’s perfectly adapted for home use as well, so you’ll get the highest quality of sound with a minimum of maintenance.

How does it work?

  • A high-torque, direct-drive motor plays your records with true quality sound.
  • The USB connects easily to Windows or Mac computers.
  • The tone arm is even better than original turntables, with an adjustable counterweight and an S-shaped arm. This allows you to adjust for anti-skating and the height of the tone arm.
  • Choose between 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm or 78 rpm with a quartz-controlled, highly accurate pitch lock.
  • This turntable has reverse play as well as forward play, along with a cast aluminum platter and start/stop function.
  • The dust cover will keep your turntable in great condition.
  • In the box, you’ll find the USB cable, RCA output cables, a built-in pre-amplifier and PC/Mac-compatible Audacity software.

Who is Audio Technica?

Audio Technica is not a new player on the vinyl record scene. They’ve been in business since 1962, back when the old turntables were in use. They know what they’re doing. Their audio equipment is designed and built for high performance, whether you’re a professional DJ or just a home vinyl enthusiast.
AT has won many awards in the audio industry. Their products set performance, quality and durability standards for recording studios, live sound tours, corporate facilities, and church venues. Their equipment serves the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

AT wireless systems and microphones are used at major musical events, including induction ceremonies at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and even the GRAMMY® awards!

My Experience

Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USBI was a little hesitant after reading some of the negative comments about this turntable. Happily, I did not experience many of them. The turntable was packed well, and worked right out of the box. For the price, I think it has more fidelity of sound than I expected.

The shape and build of the AT-LP120 is reminiscent of the turntables I used as a teen. The way it operates is faithful to the original design of the turntable. It was like I’d never been away from them.

This unit offered me a combination I appreciate, with value for the money and innovative design. Just from using the turntable, I would not have been able to guess that the device usually costs less than $250. I’ve done my research and I’ve found $500+ turntables that didn’t give me the sound this one does.

I trust the Audio-Technica name, too. They’ve been in business for a long time, and they’re right on the cutting edge of the newest equipment in sound reproduction. I know the turntable will last, and I appreciate the dedication to authentic LP sound.

The feel of the LP records and the solid sound of the needle as it sits down on the outside of my records feels just like it did when I was young. I knew instinctively how it would work, even before I went through the instructions.


The AT-LP120 is different in its composition from the Technics brand turntables which I was contemplating before this purchase. The Technics platter is part of its motor, and this one is not. Rather, it is well-mounted to the top plate of the turntable and platter, and this allows it to reproduce sound more faithfully. This turntable is not as heavy as the old models I remember, but it IS heavier than most of the USB turntables I’ve checked out.


If you want to duplicate the sound you used to get on a vintage turntable that’s now seen better days, but it’s too old to have repaired, the Audio Technica AT-LP120 is the next logical step for you. Whether you work as a DJ or just enjoy spinning records in your family room or game room, you’ll get the quality sound of LP records, which is simply not the same as the music you hear on CDs and MP3 players. It’s a sound all its own and it’s back.

There are lots of newly imagined turntables available today, but most of them don’t have the engineering and solid components of the Audio Technica turntables. They’re in a class by themselves.

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