7 Indications For Replacing A Roomba Battery

Are you frustrated with the dipping performance of your Roomba vacuum cleaner? Are you using the vacuum cleaner for years and encountered this problem suddenly?

Well, there is a high probability that something is wrong with the batteries of the device!

Charging Roomba
Roomba is among the best solution for keeping your house clean

But before jumping on a conclusion, and ordering a new set of Roomba replacement batteries, it is ideal to confirm whether just the batteries are faulty, or there is some other part leading to the problem.

Here are some clear indications that will assist you in evaluating if you need a new iRobot Roomba battery.

1.     Aged or Old Cleaning Device

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How old is your Roomba vacuum cleaner?

If your answer is somewhere around 3-years, then it is a sign to get a new iRobot Roomba battery. Using an old battery will deliver not only less running time but also the cleaner will work inappropriately.

If you have noticed any of these indications, replace the battery ASAP!

2.     Short Run Time

Generally, iRobot Roomba cleaners can work for about 1-2 hours after a complete charge if the battery is healthy. In case the vacuum cleaner is delivering a less cleaning time, then there is something wrong with the battery.

You can confirm this by recharging the cleaner again and record the total run time after that.

Still, the recorded cleaning time is less than 1-hour? Your cleaner needs a new set of batteries to deliver the same run time again.

3.     Robot Is Not Turning On

So the robot is not turning on even after multiple tries?

Have you tried resetting it?

If you have tried rebooting it and still the cleaner is not responding to any command, it means that the battery is dead, and you need a new one to power the device again.

The life of the battery depends on time and usage, so with passing time, it loses its vitality. You can order new Roomba replacement batteries for powering up the device again.

4.     Lack in Performance

The entire performance of any robot vacuum cleaner relies on the strength and power of the battery. If the battery is weak, then the performance of the device will decline gradually.

Have you noticed any signs of dipping performance?

If yes, then you need to replace the older battery with a new one to get ultimate performance and optimal cleaning. Make sure to buy the original iRobot Roomba battery to get excellent performance.

5.     Slow Charging

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You can also record the charging time to find out whether your vacuum cleaner needs a new battery or not! Most users pay attention to the run time and forget to record the charging time. Pay attention to the charging time, and make sure that it is around 2-3 hours.

Is the cleaner taking more time to get fully charged? Or the green light is not turning on even after charging the cleaner for hours?

Your vacuum cleaner needs new batteries to work appropriately. With a new battery, you can restore the charging time, and the robot cleaner will work much efficiently.

6.     Battery Doesn’t Charge

So the cleaning device is not responding to charging, even after resetting? Well, if the battery is not holding the charge or the light is not turning on, then it indicates that the battery is dead. A dead battery never responds to charging, and this might be a problem with the cleaner you are using.

Try using new batteries, and if the problem still persists, then you need to contact the customer care.

7.     Problems While Using

Sometimes, identifying a faulty battery is tricky as the run time and charging time is not impacted by it. If the vacuum cleaner is rendering any problems like improper cleaning, not responding to commands, and creating inappropriate noises, then it may be due to the battery.

Try to reset the device and check again! If you still encounter the problem, then you need a new battery for the device.

Final Words

These are some clear indications that your cleaner needs a new iRobot Roomba battery to restore the original Roomba battery life again.

Make sure to purchase original batteries to get optimal performance.  A brand new battery will terminate all of these Roomba battery problems, and the cleaner will work flawlessly.

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