8 Ways to Save on Car Expenses This Holiday Season

In life, expenses can pile up on you.

A home is without a doubt the biggest investment you will make, but following that is a car.

Owning and using a car reckons the second-biggest home expense. Owning a vehicle is both a necessity and a privilege.

Whether it is getting to work in the morning daily or the hustle and bustle of driving the kids around on the weekend, a car is your golden ticket.

But according to Global News, owning your own car can cost between $8,600 and $13,000 a year.

So as Christmas is soon approaching and the holiday season is here, saving money is definitely something on your bucket list. The notion of saving money on car insurance can be accomplished this holiday season.

Here are 8 ways to save on your car expenses this holiday season.

#1. Save on gas

Speeding, and hard braking account for the fastest ways to waste fuel.

At the end of the day, driving harshly will lower your gas mileage consistently. Try to maintain a speed of 50 mph with cruise control while driving as your gas mileage decreases once you exceed 50 mph.

In addition, having your car turned on while parked is another no-no. Simply turn the engine off, because having your car running can use a quarter to a half-gallon of fuel per hour.

Lastly, running the air conditioning is another factor that affects your gas. Try driving with the windows open for a bit prior to using the A/C.

This will allow hot air out initially, and then placing the windows down at low speeds and operating the A/C at high speeds will be more effective in saving on fuel.

#2. Save car expense on insurance

When it comes to car insurance, very few people actually shop around.

Evidently, shopping around can actually lead to massive savings. So the next time you need to renew your car insurance, get yearly quotes from at least a few companies.

According to Credit.com since there are so many aspects that make rates rise and fall, shopping around approximately every six months is essential since it will lend a hand with making the most of your benefits.

Insurance companies are known to have many customers at once, so it is your best interest to shop around for the best rates.

#3. Save on repairs/maintenance

Another way to cut some corners with your car expenses is doing things on your own.

If you consider yourself the handy type, try fixing and replacing wiper blades, fuses and lights on your own. These are simple to do and best of all you how-to-videos to learn how to properly do it, which is available online. This will save you a trip to the mechanic or dealership and money with labor costs.

Rotating your own tires is also another great way to cut costs. Overall, front tires are known to wear down faster than the back tires of a vehicle.

If you switch them, this assists with guaranteeing that both the front and back maintain the same amount of wear and tear, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them.

#4. Keep your car longer

It can be hard to resist buying a new car, but if you are looking to save money, keeping your car longer versus trading it every few years is a viable option.

Not only does the cost of new cars increase yearly, nevertheless cars also devalue rapidly. So when you choose to trade often, you actually lose profit on low trade-in values.

Consider instead buying a good valued car and keeping it for about five to seven years. Just think of the amount of money you will save on car expense yearly.

#5. Be cautious of services

One of the biggest mistakes consumers make is purchasing service contracts on new cars with their dealership.

Make sure you are very cautious when buying service contracts or extended warranties with a new car through your car dealer.

In fact, many car dealers contain restricted coverage despite what your car salesman may convince you to think.

Essentially, they cost significantly more than policies bought first hand from suppliers.

#6. Change your car oil regularly

Changing the oil in your car regularly is very important in regards to saving money and with car maintenance.

If it crucial to change the oil and oil filter in your car regularly twice a year, this will allow for the engine to maintain warmth according to Consumer Reports.

More recurrent oil changes are the solitary most significant aspect of increasing the lifespan of your engine. In addition, and it will do more than compensate for itself in funds on car maintenance and with the engine.

#7. Balance your tires

An efficient way to append thousands of miles to the existence of your tires is by having them balanced approximately once a year.

By not balancing out your tires it can damage the stride of the tire. Therefore, incorrectly balanced tires can destroy your shock absorbers and break your suspension system.

Ultimately this will lead to you spending more money, which is something you don’t want to do. So by balancing your tires, you will be saving a significant amount of money yearly.

This will benefit not only your tires but also your car on a whole.

#8. Notify your insurance company on safety features

A simple and effective way to save money on your car is to ensure that you advise your insurance company of all the safety features that are equipped with your car. Safety features allow you to be eligible for discounts on car insurance.

For example automatic seat belts, airbags in your car, blind spot detector, etc.

These safety features allow your car insurance to be less expensive and therefore will save you more money yearly.

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