Sell Cars Using Messenger And Chatbots: 4 Easy and Effective Steps

Do you want access to countless vehicle buyers in your market area? Then, you must implement car dealer chatbots to help you sell cars. This relatively untapped tool has more potential than social media and email marketing. It’s the ideal way to create a two-way conversation between your dealership and your target audience.

In 2018, more than 126 million U.S. phone users accessed Facebook Messenger as a way to communicate. By 2022, this number could reach 138 million. The largest group of Facebook Messenger users in the United States is 25 to 34-year-olds.

Eventually, this tool could replace websites as the first point of contact between a car buyer and the dealership. It’s even possible that it will replace email and become the preferred method of communication.

That’s why you must implement chatbots for car dealers now if you plan to move ahead of the competition.

Create a Two-Way Conversation

When you focus on email marketing, you send out a message to your prospect and they read it. If a member of your target audience watches one of your videos, they are once again listening and learning. These conversations are only one-way and it’s not what humans crave.

Sell Cars Using Messenger Marketing And Chatbots
Selling cars with Messenger Marketing and Chatbots is showing quite some promise

The car dealership messenger bot facilitates a natural and fun way to engage with your prospects. They have the chance to ask questions and receive the answers they need as part of a normal conversation.

The well-built chatbot allows your consumers to decide what they want to know. It provides relevant information to answer all their questions and provide the data they need to make a decision.

Differences Between Messenger Marketing & Email

Aside from the method of communication, SMS, email and Messenger marketing have a different response and open rate. Facebook Messenger boasts of 80% open rates plus 20% click-through rates on average. When you compare that to the rate of email and SMS, you clearly see the advantages. If you want to sell cars, you need to operate on the platform that works best.

Who wouldn’t want an 80% open rate on an offer that’s being sent out? The email inbox is crowded. Every business is competing for attention and a lot of emails are falling by the wayside. To truly stand out, it’s time to do something unique and exciting. When you look different from the rest of the dealerships, you will gain more attention than they do.

Isn’t that what we all want?

Making Messenger Work for You

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to figure out the winning formula for Messenger. To build a successful automotive marketing strategy, you need to outline your goals and plan out actionable steps. This campaign should include Messenger.

Here are the four steps you want to take when Messenger marketing.

  1. Make sure your consumer knows what is in it for them.
  2. Explain why they should believe you.
  3. Tell them what to do next.
  4. Give them a reason to contact you.

It really is that simple. The trouble is, car dealerships believe they can skip one of the steps and still achieve success. You will fail if you don’t follow the plan entirely.

If you don’t take the time to tell your consumer what is in it for them, they won’t give you another second.

If you tell them about the great promises but fail to back up the claims, you lose trust and no one will take advantage of your call to action.

Furthermore, if you give them the promise and back it up, but forget to tell them what to do, they will be confused and fail to take action.

It’s a delicate balance if you want to sell cars. You must catch their attention, tell them what’s in it for them, back up your claims and tell them what to do next. During that time, you must also create a sense of urgency, or your buyers will procrastinate and likely forget about it later.

Making it All Come Together

Since many car dealerships aren’t using these tactics, you will be a forerunner in the industry. Because of this, you will:

  • Gather more subscribers
  • Generate additional leads
  • Sell more cars
  • Grow the sales and profit of your establishment

Don’t be afraid to be a pioneer; it’s what leads to success. Implementing a Messenger chatbot might seem confusing at first, but we have the hacks you need.

Chat blast – Send out a blast (like that of email) to all of your followers.

Create button navigation – No one wants to type any more; make conversation easy with simple button navigation.

Keep the copy easy to read – Don’t just copy and paste your content into the chatbot. Make sure you break it up and include CTAs.

Create drip campaigns – Utilize a strategic automotive marketing campaign that starts with welcoming contacts and moves on to announcing events or new vehicles.

Don’t neglect user segmentation – This creates more engagement because the messages are relevant to the user.

Use subscription messaging – Facebook Messenger allows a free promotional message without 24 hours of the first contact with a user. After that, you can send sponsored ads and other promotional messages. Subscription messaging, on the other hand, is a different type of contact. If a customer signs up, they have opted to receive messages from you and you won’t have to pay to talk to them. The only problem is that these messages cannot be promotional, so be careful to create high-value content.

Use comment guard – this is just like an auto-responder. For example, you could ask a trivia question about a vehicle on your Facebook page. Then, when you receive a comment, the chatbot will automatically contact that person via Facebook Messenger to give them the answer. Plus, anyone that replies will be added to your contact list.

Sell Cars Faster & Better Than Before

To continue growing in this industry, you have to be ready to learn new marketing strategies. With the use of Facebook Messenger and a chatbot, you set yourself apart from the competition. Watch your profits skyrocket as you tap into this relatively new avenue.

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