Options For Selling Your Old Car?

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Selling an old car is usually no easy task. People typically use their car for about 7.7 years before they decide to sell it off in the UK. If you want to sell yours, you should know your options. You will probably prefer an alternative that minimizes hassle and assures a quick and decent price too. In general, the more a car seller knows about the car selling options he has, the better deal he can get.

Since many buyers want to scam you into accepting a low price, you need to be careful. Before you head out to sell your car, you should have an idea about its worth. A rough idea will ensure that you don’t sell your vehicle at an unreasonable price.

Have a look at the different options you can use to sell your old car.

Selling to a dealer

Dealerships are often willing to buy old cars without requiring you to trade it for a new one.

If you want to bypass a lot of the hassle that comes with selling a car, you should consider this option. While other methods may require you to set up individual meetings, selling your vehicle to a dealership doesn’t. In short, you won’t have to worry about advertising or dealing with potential buyers. However, selling to a dealership does mean that you will probably end up fetching a lower price for your car.

Make sure you check in with different dealers before you sell your old car to one. Doing so will assure that you end up getting the right price for it. When approaching a dealership, you should consider factors like the condition or make of your vehicle. If the car is not in a mint condition, avoid contacting a dealership that only deals in new cars. Moreover, don’t just sell your car to the first dealership you visit. Selling to a car dealership is a quick process, but the rates may not be the best.

Trading for a new car

If you want to sell your old car and instantly get a new car, you can.

You will have to pay the difference between the price of the new car and that of the old car. An individual who wants to buy a new vehicle will find this option most suitable. However, it is highly probable that the dealership will not offer you the best price for your car. Think about it, the lower rate a car dealership offers, the more the profit it can earn. Therefore, trading an old car for a new one might not be the best option on the list.

If convenience is the criteria when it comes to selling your car, you should choose this option. But you will have to be prepared to sacrifice a bit on the price. Do consider getting a car that is silver because it is the most popular color for cars. Make sure that the price of your new car is competitive. Whatever the case, make sure you wisely negotiate before you seal the deal.

Selling the car privately

While privately selling a vehicle takes a lot of work, it also allows car sellers to fetch a better price. Therefore, the hassle is worth it in the end.

The first step is placing an advertisement for potential buyers. There are various ways to do so. Regardless of the way you advertise, you should describe your car honestly. You can place a ‘For Sale’ sign with your contact details on either the vehicle or a nearby shop. Other than that you can also consider setting an ad online through social media platforms. The idea here is to get the word around.

Once you place the ad, you will get a bunch of queries regarding the car. Respond as promptly as possible and schedule meetings accordingly. Be present during these meetings and make sure you are honest. Don’t forget to choose a safe payment method before you finalize the deal.

Auction the car

Another option on the table is auctioning the old car.

The process of an auction is pretty quick and easy. However, there is a catch. The price your car fetches can be a significantly lower than expected. After all, there is no guarantee that the bid will reach the amount you are expecting. A car seller that wants minimal risk in the car-selling process should avoid this option.

Auction buyers usually have a good knowledge of the auto industry. It is possible that Tesla partnered with car auctioning firms to attract such buyers. To sell your old car through an auction, you will have to approach a car auction company. These companies will charge you a commission for its services. So not only is there a chance that you will fetch a low price, you will pay a cut too. Perhaps selling an old car through an auction company isn’t the best option out there due to the high risk and cost.

Selling to Online Car Buying Companies

If you are thinking to yourself ‘How can I sell my car without a hassle and at a good price’ this is the answer for you.

Online car buying companies reduce the effort it takes in selling your car. Moreover, if you’re planning to sell your old car in winter, a car buying company is your best option. They are willing to buy your car regardless of its condition, model, shape or mileage.

While there are many car buying companies out there, only We Buy Cars Today offers a free online valuation.  Thanks to the valuation you will be better able to understand the value of your vehicle.

This method is simultaneously quick and safe if you choose a genuine car buying company. Though the price you get from the online car buying companies is not the best, considering the convenience it is excellent.


Before you head out to sell your old car, you should know the options you have. You should choose one depending on the level of hassle you are willing to bear. Car sellers who want to fetch the best price should consider selling the car privately. On the other hand, car sellers that don’t want to wait too much should consider car buying companies. Regardless of your circumstances, you need to be vigilant when you sell your old car.

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