Sentry Safe X055 Security Safe Review

In case you are not aware, the most popular gun safes in the market are the Sentry gun safes. This is particularly when we talk of the diverse brands and gun safe varieties which are churned into the market each season. However, of particular interest to me as it may be to you is the Sentry Safe X055 Security Safe.

With a touch of unique class, the sentry family has been known for their sole proprietors of the business which has been known to run for closer to a century now. With this reputation, the gun safes they have been making have been known for some of the most notable attributes;

  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • And the most innovative in terms of ensuring that the overall safety needs of their clients are met.

Why the sentry safe?

My team and I got interested in this safe when the other safes we had tried previously did not work as anticipated. This could be the reason why over the years the Sentry safe maker has distinguished themselves as the most trusted safe manufacturer in the market.

The use of the Sentry Safe X055 Security Safe in particular has been known to provide protection against certain aspects of weather as well as emergency cases of fire. In addition, you are bound to enjoy the fireproof feature found on this safe brand.

In this case, the gravest injustice would be to exhaust the details before looking at the features of the tool because those are what made us get to know about this wonderful gun safe brand.


Look over SentrySafe X055 Security Safe

Because of the innovative nature, the Sentry Safe X055 Security Safe has the following unique characteristics;

  • An electronic lock system with high rate of dependability in terms of ensuring that the gun and any valuable you may want to keep are safe from fire, frost and knocks
  • The tamper proof lock system has hardened steel, with a live mechanism locking system.
  • Concealed hinge system to protect from any attempts at breakage.
  • A mounting mechanism with alt of ease of mounting with accompanying bolting accessories.
  • Spacious at 0.5 cubic feet, enough just to handle small amounts of your valuables.
  • Uses an AA battery power system which makes it usable even in areas without power grid.
  • Soft carpet on the floor to protect from scratches and knocks.
  • A programmable lock system in addition to the lock mechanism.
  • An override key to help in the access of the safe without keys.
  • Simple, user friendly and easy to setup.
  • Handsomely looking feel with both interiors and exteriors.

Benefits of using the safe

Some of the benefits of using this safe include the following;

  • Dependability as it is known to have high levels of trust in terms of giving the user safe keeping with a peace of mind.
  • Security- checking on the level of security of this safe, it is not in doubt that the safe gives the best security to your firearms.
  • Durable finish with a beautiful black look to satisfy the needs of the user. In addition, the safe has several years of repair free use.


Is it recommended for use?

The use of the Sentry Safe X055 Security Safe, just like its brand counterparts is recommended in small scale security requirements. It can be best if it is used to deter petty cases of intrusion into your gun storages.

However, it is likely not to give the user the maximum amount of security, especially where firearms and other valuables are concerned. With the availability of the several alternatives, looking across the street may be the best option.

Because of its price which is moderately set, this is your model of safe if you are a classy individual with a taste of class and only requires simple gun safety measures. Even for those who have suffered from the serious setbacks, there is a solution because the weakness can be sorted by just increasing the magnetic touch of the safe.

Buyer guide

The Sentry Safe X055 Security Safe may be one of the most visible safes in the market based on how users talk about it. Buying it therefore may not be a big deal if you seek the right information. Reviews and product description information contents may just give you this.

Through the information like what we have on offer, the safe can be easily accessed. There are several considerations of price, quality in terms of design, seller reputation and the state of the safes which you have to consider.

SentrySafe X125 Security Safe, 1.2 Cubic Feet, Black

Most of the online retailers are the best places to buy the safe including the manufacturer website where it is sold at very good discounts. The other shops like Amazon and eBay which are the dominant players offer good return policies which you can capitalize on.

If you decide to buy the safe, remember to factor in the fact that the brick and motor stores, where you can find the safe as well may be the quickest places to get it, instead of waiting for the long delivery periods, though at accost.


Falling in love with the sentry products is not hard if you have an eye for some quality safe. You only need to have consistency in your best gun safe use to be able to know how to fortify of modify it to suit some of your security requirements, which may not be easy to come by. So let choose for you the Sentry Safe X055 Security Safe

Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock is also best product about gun safe. you can check it.

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