Sentry Safe X125 Security Safe Review

As a family enterprise, sentry safe, a derivative name from ‘sentry’ which denotes a section of the military order, has always improved its product based on the weaknesses observed on its competition.

As an award winner in the area of security systems, this safe prides itself as a high quality, affordable and innovative product manufacturer. The diversity seen with safe keeping tool manufacturers has posed great sense of choice when it comes to selecting which one is more appropriate.

The sentry safe for example has been priding itself with the top of the range the Sentry Safe X125 Security Safe which gives full custody to any pistol, cash, laptops and any other valuable whatever the category. One of the best gun safes in 2017.

Because of the thoughtful nature of the manufacturer, there is a uniqueness seen with its touch, not seen on many safes in the market. These are all contributing to its standing out in the market as among the state of the art multipurpose storage safe.

While others are specific safes, this is not and may be used for diversified purposes. The sentry Safe X125 Security Safes aim at protecting your valuables from the effects of fire, water and even vices of human activities like burglary.

Because of the quantitative nature of the safe, it undergoes rigorous security tests which have made it earn numerous recognitions in the United States for the American safety consulting (UL) and the exact transform load (ETL) levels.

Where the sentry safe is used

  • Banks to keep cash and transport it at the same time.
  • Security installations for safe custody of small arms
  • Homes as an instrument for safekeeping.
  • Institutions where sensitive papers are to be safely kept.

Characteristics of the safe

SentrySafe X125 Security Safe with 1.2 cubic feet

Some of the factors making the safe stand out may include;

  • It uses electric current with additional use of AA batteries as the power for its lock system.
  • carpeted interior for safety and protective purposes
  • Relative size which can be used to fit any item of its description required for safe keeping including laptops.
  • Power cord for any electronic gadget that may be put in custody with power requirements.
  • Simple operational manual with ease of set up as well. Because it is sold with a comprehensive user manual making it is among the best do it yourself (DIY) devices in the safes category.
  • Uses an override key with the requirement for a pass code making it tamper proof. In addition, the override key helps in ease of access even when the code is lost.
  • Hardened steel lock with heavy duty features which is burglar proof thus more secure.
  • Durability arising from solid steel pry-resistant body and door.
  • Sentry Safe X125 Security Safe has a small design with moderate weight for ease of movement and strorage.1 year limited warranty for worry free use. In addition to this, the shelved compartments make its use quite convenient.
  • Aesthetic touch with durable black coat finish.

Benefits of its use

Using this safe has been associated with the following benefits;

  • Economical to the user- at a paltry sum for which it is sold, the sentry Safe X125 Security Safe offers more than any safety gadget would have given. That is in addition to the diverse uses which lead to the user saving substantially.
  • Reliability- with all the certifications on its quality and the manner of its recognition, this is one tool you can rely on to keep your items safe and in good standing.
  • Longevity– the material used in making the safe allows for it to be used for longer. This is in addition to the possibility of the items staying inside without suffering the effect f frost and scratches because of carpeting.


Why use the sentry safe

SentrySafe X041E 0.4 Cubic Foot Security Safe

Give credit where it is due, the sentry safe makers have done all they can to be at the top of things. for those who are looking for just something to safeguard items from fire, then this would be for you, this is in addition to the cost which is  pocket friendly. However, higher levels of safety may be improved if you looked for a more secure safe for your items.

How it is used

While this tool may be good for use freely, it better be used when bolted to the ground to avoid anyone attempting to carry it. It only needs to be safely locked and ensure that the person with authorization alone have access to the safe.


Though this could be suitable for keeping small items, the size and space it takes does not allow it to talker larger domestic items. The Sentry Safe X125 Security safe may suit those who need safeguard against fire and water. It is worth buying if you consider costs.

As fate would have it, shit is bound to happen in some cases where it is not expected and so the discovery of the fact that this safe can be easily tampered with. There are however other general purpose safes which may be quite safe. going around could save the user the agony of having to come back and finding items sprawling on the floor due to burglary which it cannot prevent.

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