SentrySafe HD4100CG Fire-Safe Waterproof File Safe Review

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I got to usxe the SentrySafe HD4100CG Fire-Safe Waterproof File safe onvce in my office and I musdt say from the onstart that this is one great safe. since I had used some safe previously from the brand, my selecting the safe would not be aproblem.

apart from the fact that this is a family owned venture where the sentry family run all the affairs, they have had the heart to consider the need of their far reaching clientele whose needs to have something safe enough to keep their important valuables.

Their innovative and creative touch has been seen in the areas of making safes and cabinets to be used in the storage of guns and other important valuables. They have their eyes mostly set on the domestic and commercial sectors where homes and other commercial concerns like hotels are key to their immense presenced.

looking athe the file safe in their fold, onme is able to get atrue feel and taste of the diversoity in the manpower they have engaged to look at all the aspects of safety. the safe may not be talked about if certain aspects are not looked at.

SentrySafe HD4100CG Fire-Safe Waterproof File

Unique features

  • Some of the features which make the safe stand out may include the following;
  • SentrySafe HD4100CG Fire-Safe Waterproof File is fire proof withy nthe underwriters laboratoiry(UL) certification being its trademark in this area.
  • Comes with an additional privacy keyt ,lkock to enhance safety.
  • Has water proofing features which are testamented by the extract, tgransform and load (ETL)verification.
  • Has an inlid holder, whiuch can help in holding othetr electroinioc valuabnbles like the discs.
  • Thich steel wall to ernhance safety and deny intrusilon.
  • Medium weight which can allow iot to be moved in case of transit.
  • An aesthetic look with good designs to suit your taste.

Benefits of using the safe

If you decide to use this safe, you are likely to enjoy some of the following benefits;

  • Safe fireproof use based on its ability to withstand fire for more than 12 hours.
  • Waterproof use as well.
  • Safety of your documents and files against any intrusion.
  • Reasonable size for the files.
  • Heavy, sturdy and well built design for longevity.
  • Cost effectiveness when compared to other file safes of its category.
  • A trusted brand with presence in case of need.
  • High sense of organization with discipline instilled by the safes design.


What others are saying

The sturdy looking build of the safe has been the most deceiving aspect most users note about this safe. Given its weight, most of the users had concern that this safe may not be good in case of movements. However, it is the plastic which peeps menacingly on the lock mechanism that makes this safe to be loathed by most users.

In general, it is a good safe which can only be well if used against water and incase of fire it needs to be moved. These aspects have been noted by the manufacturer as observed by one user and they are working on them.

Is it recommended?

Without any doubt, this is the best file safe ever in the market. most of those who  have negative opinion have all agreed that it is a safe worth buying but with caution, it may not be easy to move and may need a permanent area for placement.

The next area which makes this safe to be highly recommended ids the fact that the safe is one easy item to use when you have in the office with a clear sense of organization being brought to your desk. Having it may just be that relief you have been yearning for.

User guidelines

The use of the SentrySafe HD4100CG Fire-Safe Waterproof File safe in the office and even in households may be smooth if the safe is set at its permanent point. The combination lock mechanism is usually programmed with the codes it has to form a secret code combination, known only to the owner.

In the case of a fire breakout, if you have the masculinity, carry the safe to a safe area of the building, though no mean task. Care should be taken to ensure that the valuables are not filled to the brim; it may not protect the valuable in this case. If possible, put the safe in an area away from the prying eyes which may notice the plastic and scheme on how to break the lock mechanism.


Documents and files are some of the most important items in any given office. However, cases of break-ins by individuals who are interested in stealing certain information or in some cases the documents are common.

A good file safe is what you need. Getting one is usually hard because most safe making companies dwell on the safety of bigger items like the gun safes and cabinets. The sentry safe has tried and they are worth our support, buy this safe!

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