SentrySafe SFW123DSB Combination Fire safe Review

The SentrySafe SFW123DSB Combination Fire safe has been in use as a gun safety safe in the house, hotels and even in the several courier vehicles which transport valuables is quite rampant. This has mainly been due to the fact that getting the best safe is usually a top priority in the market.

The safety of your valuables and guns is in most of the cases made even an elevated task with the need to have better security for your gun and rifles. However, because of the market nature, getting any gun cabinet or safe which meets your specifications may not be easy.

With the safe, many of the users have come to agree that the area of valuable security within the house and while on transit may not be compromised after all. As a market leader, the Sentry safe, a renowned safe and gun cabinet manufacturer which has span the market for close to a century; the issue of trust is what plays out in the open.

The main reasons why many people would prefer to have the safes from the manufacturer are as diverse as can be witnessed with the preference by most of the users to the different safes.

However when it comes to the SentrySafe SFW123DSB Combination Fire safe the reasons for its prominence may be as stated below.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB

What makes the safe tick?

There are some of the reasons which majorly touch of the design and functions of this safe which make most people to g for them. The sentry safes have found themselves rating among the top rated gun safety safes when it comes to the issue of gun storage. The major factors for this safe’s success include;

  • Underwriter’s laboratories (UL) certification for fire proof safety of your guns and valuables.
  • Has the uniqueness seen with the extract transform and load (ETL) certification which is also quality verification meant for water and fireproof capacities.
  • Large size which can fit more of your valuables.
  • Uses a set of combination lock mechanisms known for better safety in comparison to the convectional locks.
  • Technology based use with DVDs and USB sticks used for keeping the user information and manual.
  • A set of 4 bolts for fastening to the floor,
  • Uses good organizational sense with shelves.
  • An internal shelved area for easy to misplace items to ease sorting and discovery of the said items.
  • Strong steel wall which protects it from the diverse attempts to break into.
  • SentrySafe SFW123DSB Combination Fire has A smart design which appeals both to the surrounding and to the eye.
  • High level trust of the manufacturer with long service and limited warranty.
  • High quality in terms of design and innovation.
  • It comes with a well made out combination lock dial pad


There are several benefits seen with the use of the SentrySafe SFW123DSB Combination Fire safe. These include;

  • Pocket friendliness given the fact that cost is not the manufacturers’ priority.
  • High quality product with several certifications for water and fireproof qualities.
  • Easy to use with additional accessories to assist with bolting and use.
  • Limited warranty covering certain safes aspects.
  • Theft and pry proof with its thick steel wall and doors to help.
  • Enough space for the storage of your valuables.


User recommendations for sentrysafe SFW123DSB

The need to make the safe’s interior to be damp proof is one aspect which may help more users to enjoy the use of the Sentry safe SFW123DSB. It has been observed by most of the safes users that the fire and water proof features encourage cases of the interior developing frost, and because there is no mechanism for its release, this usually condenses and become water, thus destroying the contents. It can become the best gun safe on the market
Another aspect which may need improvement could be in the area of making it able to have identification capacity for each valuable kept inside it. For instance, it needs to have a record of the items kept for ease of reference in the future.

While the above are manufacturer issues, the users are encouraged to go through the accompanying user manual to eliminate cases of the users being oblivious of the important information which is usually vividly in scripted on the manual.

How to use the safe

The Sentry safe SFW123DSB Combination Fire safe works with the combination lock mechanism and it is only right if you programmed the locks to your taste. However, reading the user manual is important to help with the knowledge that this safe needs frequent opening to release the frost which may build up. You should buy the best gun safe dehumidifer to protect your gun safe.

You can have the documents and valuables put inside a zipped polythene bag or box to reduce cases of contact with damp shelf surfaces which may destroy your valuables. In addition, the maintenance of the keypads which are usually availed may help reduce cases of them failing to work when required to.

If it is not necessary, this safe should not be drilled to the floor where it may come into contact with heavy doses of water. If done so, there is likelihood of the water resistance reducing dramatically.


The need to follow certain laid don user steps which are found in most products user manuals is in most cases paramount. However, many are the times when users assume them and end up using the products without taking notice that is what usually happens with the Sentry safe SFW123DSB Combination Fire safe.

If all the due care were to be taken, the life and safety of the user’s valuables and guns would be greatly enhanced, with happy users reporting more positive things about the safe. The manufacturer still has some task to do on this wonderful safe. Buying this safe could be one of the best decisions anyone can make, especially if you need better security, you can do the checking on a daily basis, cant you?

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