Shop Fox W1706 14-Inch Bandsaw Review

This device boasts of innumerable features that are found only in other expensive appliances. With wheels made from cast-iron, a miter gauge, and some aluminum railings, along with an extension wedge, the gadget is able to formulate most desirable chores.

The frame structure along with its supporting bottom makes it easy for the device to be sturdy. Thanks to the mammoth cast iron covering that delineates the mechanism; it offers amplified influence that makes it straightforward to cope with the desirable prospects.

Product Features

  • Contains an impressive motor that accommodates 110V/220V
  • Has a blade dimension of 93-1/2-Inches (it is 1/8-Inches to 3/4-Inches broad)
  • It has a table extent of 14-Inches by 14-Inches by 1-1/2-Inches
  • Has a cutting capacity of 13-1/2-Inches
  • Entails a maximum cutting height of 6-Inches
  • Includes cast iron blade wheels, framework in addition to a table.
  • Has an enviable blade velocity of 1,500 & 3,200 FPM
  • Its frame construction is made from cast iron
  • Has an upper and lower ball bearing blade guides
  • Comprises one 3/8″ blade, a fence plus a miter gauge
  • Contains a quick change for blade release and tension alleviation
  • Contains a fence scale with a amplifying casement


The machine has a weight of 101 pounds, over and above a breadth of 45 x 44.5 x 22 inches. The apparatus has a large structure that makes it trouble-free for the operation of bulky weights. The mechanism competently makes use of a corded-electric power source. When purchasing it, the equipment comes along with a bare-tool, along with some attachments. As evidenced by its huge structure, the apparatus is devised to present desirable performances.

How does it work?

This gadget works through the compelling of its powerful 1 HP motor, which operates at an amazing 1,725 rpm. During diverse operations, it allows for precise and desirable works. This is achieved since it is furnished with an enormous cast iron framework.

 During processes, this formulation offers consistency and accuracy and permits spotless and perfect cuts. While working, the upper in conjunction with the lower ball bearing guides lessen abrasion for improved blade survival.

In addition, the implement employs the quick release blade pressure for feasibility. Thanks to this, the tool can attain an extraordinary cutting penetration at the same time as cutting angles. Its blade measurement demonstrates its cutting potential with variable tempos.


  • Its frame structure is made from cast iron
  • Entails a blade dimension of 93-1/2-inches and has a cutting capability of 13-1/2-inches
  • Has a luxurious extruded aluminum fence
  • Has one 3/8-inches cutting edge, fence in addition to a miter gauge
  • Contains a fence scale along with a amplifying casement
  • Entails a quick change blade that release/tensions


Where to buy

The supreme version of Shop Fox W1706 14-Inch Bandsaw with Cast Iron Wheels is for this reason obtainable at Amazon. By obtaining the device from Amazon, a client attains realistic prices, advanced quality, plus value concerning the ultimate production. The warranty trait furthermore appeals to customers when the machine is purchased from Amazon.

Install, Use, Maintenance and Issues Fixing

Installation of this particular model is aided by the actuality that this device comes with an informative user manual. The guidebook is able to direct users on what to do as regards every part of the device. In this regard, the perfect maintenance aspects of this device entail the indispensable qualities of cleanliness in addition to its safe storage.

The informative instruction handbook as well aids the user so that he/she is capable of using it, mending the arising concerns and sustaining the most wanted circumstances. The client must not overstrain the mechanism so as to buttress its convenience.


Taking into consideration the authenticity in addition to miscellaneous variable qualities, the equipment is ultimate for most corporation locations, as well as domestic environments. The prominent rating by the buyers designates that they adored the piece of equipment and as a result an ideal illustration. In view of the fact that its attributes craft an accurate job plus an exact aptitude, it is prudent and commendable for prospective clients to purchase this tool.

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