Smart Squat: If You Don’t Do Any Other Exercise, Do This

Maybe you’re reasonably fit and feel like you don’t need exercise beyond the normal walking and lifting you do in the course of the day.

You may simply not have time or money to join a gym or exercise class. Whatever the reason you’re not working out, you’re shortchanging your body.

The fact is, we lose 1/4 pound of muscle every year beginning at about age 30, and that accelerates by the year after 50. That’s even if you’ve always been naturally svelte with no drastic change in weight or diet.

Just walking every day or watching your fat intake isn’t going to reverse that. You need to do some sort of weight-bearing exercise every day just to maintain muscle mass as you age.

Doing squat exercise with proper form offers a way to do that without extra equipment or time. You can do 30 squats in the morning, 30 more in the afternoon, and benefit your whole body.

What Doing Squats Does for You

Squats have a reputation as a glute exercise that will help your derriere fight gravity, but they do much more than that.

They catalyze your anabolic environment to promote body-wide muscle development. Squats also improve balance by strengthening your core and connective tissue.

When it comes to fat-burning, you’re looking at one of the most efficient exercises to reduce calories while building muscle.

They also aid elimination to get rid of waste and help your body metabolize nutrients more efficiently.

Make Sure You’re Doing it Right

There is a misconception that squats damage your knees and may be hard on your lower back.

That’s usually due to bad form. When done properly, squats actually improve the strength in your joints and core muscles that support your back.

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, back neutral and knees centered over your feet.

Slowly lower your body, bending from the hip first, not your knees, and stick your backside out while raising your arms in front of you as you bend.

Your weight should be on your heels, and your knees should not extend further than your toes at your lowest position.

Slowly return to the starting position and repeat 30 times.

Benefits of doing squats

Body weight training is always the best way of burning calories.

So doing squats with free hands or getting it done with additional weights both would help you a lot.

By doing it regularly you can get the core and the lower part of your body strong like never before.

Squats are mostly dealt with as functional exercise.

By doing it properly you can build the stamina of your core as well as the big leg muscles.

Day to day activities would be done with much agility and easily by thorough practicing of it.

Toning up the back muscles of your body is very much important, most of the cases people forget to train it.

With the right squats, you can get the proper body structure, muscle building as well as overall stamina boosting for the entire body.

The exercise of leg muscles also helps you to get the right flow of testosterone hormone throughout your body.

With the increased testosterone level you can build more muscles.

Leg muscles are the most important muscles of your body; it takes the overall weight of your body.

So by building stronger leg muscles, you can get the right equilibrium of your body.

Increasing Lower body strength can be achieved easily with regular squats.

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