How To Soundproof A Car Tutorial?

Do you know to soundproof your car? Then, you need to know how to soundproof a car properly. It is important to soundproof your car to enjoy the sound system. If road noise disturbs you, you cannot enjoy the sound system of your car. Therefore, you need to soundproof to enjoy the quality sound.

Some materials can reduce the roadside sound. However, they may not eliminate full outside noise. But, the process can reduce the noise very impressively. Today, we will discuss you the process by which you can soundproof your car. Therefore, this will reduce the outside noise and give you a relaxation trip.

Things you need to soundproof a car

To follow our step by step tutorial to soundproof a car, you need many items. Without the items, you cannot be able to make your car better. Therefore, you should have the following things.

  • Damping Mat
  • Insulation
  • Scissor
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Acetone
  • Foam spray

Note: If you don’t have any skill of cutting and attaching, you can hire an expert. Many experts can work to soundproof your car. It will increase the cost but reduce your effort.

# 1 Step by step instructions with Damping mat

Damping Mat is one of the material to use for soundproof. Therefore, you can use the material to soundproof your car. This stuff is easy to find and attach your car panel. Moreover, it works well with glue to attach properly.

Step-1: Remove Your Door Panels

First of all, you will need to remove the panels of your car’s door. Otherwise, you cannot get access to the mats. Therefore, you need to use a screwdriver to remove the panels correctly. Also, you should know how to attach the door panel again!

Step-2: Metal Area cleaning Process

You need acetone in this process. It will help to clean the door panel properly. Without using acetone on the door panel, you cannot use glue. If you use glue without cleaning it will never become sticky for a long time. So, you should use a good brand acetone for cleaning your door panel.

Step-3: Apply a good quality Glue

You need to select the right glue for your damping mat. Otherwise, it will never stick to the surface properly.

You will have two way to apply the glue. You can use the glue on the back part of the damping mats. Or, you can also implement the glue on the surface to make it perfect.

Step-4: Placing the Damping Mats

Putting the damping mats between two door panels is important. There is an empty part that invites the noise. Therefore, you should cover the area to restrict outside noise.

Step-5: Mats inside the Car engine

You need to use a special glue that can work well on the engine’s surface. The standard adhesive will not function on the position. You need to apply the glue on the back part of the damping mat. Then, cover the top of the engine.

By covering the engine compartment with damping mat, you can reduce the rattling sound. Therefore, this will work correctly to reduce your internal noise side.

Step-6: Spray the Areas

You need to use a foam spray for the empty spaces. You will find some spaces that are left. You cannot cover the area with the damping mat for some complications. Therefore, you need to use a good foam spray to cover the area!

# 2 Step by step instructions with Insulation

You can also use insulation system to waterproof your car. For that reason, you need to go through some step by step process. Let’s see the tutorial in brief:

Step-1: Panel Removal

You need to remove the panel of the car’s seat and door. You need to remove the panel properly in a right way. Don’t damage the mechanism of the panel!

Step-2: Take Ruler for Measurement

You need to prepare the right size of the insulation to install it. Therefore, you need a ruler and pencil to mark and measurement. Then, make the insulation on the right size.

You need to measure the floor and door panel for the measurement. Then, you can use the scissor to cut the insulation to the right size. Make sure the size is as perfect as the door panel. Otherwise, the system will not reduce the outside noise.

Step-3: Remove Carpet & Clean

You need to remove the carpet of the car’s floor. You need to become careful when removing it. Otherwise, it will also damage the carpet.

When you have removed the carpet, you need to clean the area. Otherwise, the glue will not stick properly. You need to use the acetone to clean the surface properly. Then, you can apply glue. Otherwise, this will not be good enough to give you the best result.

Step-4: Apply Glue & Install Insulation

Now you need to apply glue on the floor or over the insulation. Make sure you use the glue that part you need to over the place.

You need to use the right glue that is suitable for both insulation and car surface. Then, you need to apply pressure to install it correctly. Moreover, you need to use a roller for removing bubbles. It will help to install the insulation properly and efficiently.

Step-5: Re-organize everything

Now you need to give time to dry the surface. Then, you need to put the carpet over the insulation. Make sure the insulation is dry to put the carpet over it.

Then, you need to put the seat panel and door panel correctly. You should apply the foam spray on the exposed parts.


Now you know two ways to prevent the noise of outside. So, you can easily soundproof your car within a short time. It’ll help your audio system sound better. So, you can go through the process again and follow the tutorial that seems easy to you!

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