Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock Review

Every cloud has its own silver lining, so it goes. That is the something which happened in the hotel sector where client property security had posed a big challenge.

The need to have something secure for hotel clients pushed the stack on, who are known in making personalized safes to make the Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock.

No wonder, the safe has been greatly in good standing with most of the hotels where it is used since its inception. While primarily meant for keeping pistols, the safe also serves best in keeping some small valuables, a common occurrence in most hotels.

However, homes have not been left out with good sales to individuals as well. Because of their eye for excellence, the company has scored some of its firsts in making some of the most innovative electronic safes for pistols.

It is their belief that quality doesn’t have to cost a leg that the company stands out. In fact, this belief in quality and moderation in cost has earned them the approval of the California department of justice in terms of firearm safe keeping.

Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with gun and some equipment inside


Some of the features which have been seen with this best handgun safe include;

  • A programmable electronic lock which makes the user to have control of the safe in terms of safety. In addition, this has been made to work in case of loss of the program with a safety override key.
  • Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock comes with a 3 point lock system with codes which can take only three missed attempts and then locks.
  • Light, at only 22.8 pounds making it easy to navigate within the broom for strategic set up.
  • High quality design which conforms to security standards set by several ammunition safety groups.
  • Pre drilled holes for ease of mounting to the walls and floor with accompanying bolts to mount.
  • It has a body and a door of steel- steel has been known to form some of the strongest barriers and is additionally pry proof. The weakness of ease of access by knocking is not possible with this. It is the fireproof aspect of steel which also makes it to be used in the safe.
  • Interlocking concealed steel hinges which makes it hard to break.
  • Has Shelves with an additional feature of removal which allow for better storage of pistols.
  • Foam covering on the body and shelves to shield the ammo from scratches and knocks
  • Uses AA type batteries which can allow it to be used in any place no matter the availability of the electric grid.


The use of the Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock has been associated with diverse benefits. Some of which include;

  • High safety standards which make bit good to use with recognition from most firearm safe use institution.
  • Secure safe with good lock safeguards and easy to use features.
  • reliability in terms of brand based on the profile of the manufacturer
  • Reasonable cost.
  • High quality in terms of build and securing your ammunitions.


Is it the best?

However much the Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock has received immense approvals, the issue of its tampering seen by most of its users keeps bogging down its profile. Saying that it is the best will be blowing it out of proportions yet there are others which work better than it does.


The use of the Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock to keep young children away from guns in homes may be the best. The safety of the keys may require that you ensure that they are tucked away beyond reach.

In closed security setups like hotels, it has been found to work well as long as the room is kept away from access. Otherwise, using this gun safe may expose the user to imminent danger in areas full of adventurous individuals.

Cases of shots fired from guns which had been assumed to be kept in such safes has been reported, with grave consequences because of its ease of tampering based on the locking design.

If you can get an option which is there in the market, you need to go for that as fast as your legs can carry you. Should the Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock be what you have, based on the pocket friendliness, you can have it, but keep your keys of the bedroom away from any eyes.

How to buy and use Stack-On-PS-514

There are several known points to consider and areas to buy this gun safe. The most basic point is considering its size which is quite reasonable. In addition, the cost and design of the safe may play the biggest role.

When buying the Stack-On PS-514 Personal Safe with Electronic Lock, you better buy from recognized online retailers like Amazon and eBay who have been noted to have better stand in terms of return and good refund policies. You may have the urge to get a refund.

like its counterparts, the gun safe works on the principle of locks based on the 3 way locking system and the override key provided in case of forgetting the codes. It is the design of the doors and the safe wall that has been noted to be quite notable.


The pocket friendliness to the user aspect of the gun safe has been the driving force behind the safes immense presence in the market. Having the right information on any of these items saves you from what would be a crisis. Trying it in small setups with little risks may not be bad after all. So let use Stack-On PS-514 to protect your family from harm of gun.

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