Hit and Run Car Accident 101: Your Next Steps

You never expect to get into a hit and run car accident, but it happens more than you think. Read on to learn what to do if it happens to you.

There has been an average of 682,000 hit-and-run car crashes every year since 2006!

Hit and run accidents happen more often than you would imagine. As such, it is not out of the realm of possibility to find yourself a victim of one.

Perpetrators of hit-and-run accidents do so for various reasons. But it mostly comes down to evade the responsibility of dealing with the consequences of their actions.

This is especially true for teen drivers, as they are more likely to break traffic rules in addition to the fear of their parents knowing about it.

While most hit-and-runs do not result in fatalities, some of them do. This it is so important to have a car with safety features such as an SRS airbag system.

Nonetheless, what do you do if you are a victim of a hit and run car accident? This article will discuss the steps to take.

Hit and Run Car Accident 101: Your Next Steps

  1. Study the Other Vehicle as It Flees

You will only have a few seconds to collect information about the other car before it is out of sight. Use these seconds to take in as much data as you can. Note the following:

  • Make, model, color, and license number
    • Conspicuous features about the car
    • The damage it sustained
    • Physical attributes of the driver

Write all this down immediately so you do not forget.

  1. Look for Witnesses

Due to your shock or potential injury, you may not be able to note details about the fleeing car. Nearby people, however, usually have had a better view of the incident.

Therefore, if there are people around, request them for information.

Also, get the witnesses’ contacts so you can reach them in case you need them to verify your insurance or personal injury claim.

  1. Take Pictures

Take photos of the scene, the damage, and any sustained injuries as these will serve as evidence later on. Also, take photos of the area where the accident occurred in addition to any property damage that might have resulted.

  1. Call the Police

When the officers arrive, provide them with all the information you have collected regarding the accident.

This information can not only help track the perpetrator but can also serve as evidence in a car accident claim.

  1. Get Medical Attention

The resulting adrenaline spike might make you oblivious to injuries that you might have sustained. Thus, even if you are not in pain, seek medical evaluation right away.

In addition to treating you, the doctors will document your injuries thus providing even further evidence when filing a claim. As such, ask for copies of these records so you can use them to seek compensation.

  1. Contact an Attorney

The next step after leaving the hospital is seeking justice and compensation. However, these are murky waters. Without proper guidance, your insurers will take ages to compensate you.

An experienced attorney such as the Law Office of William W. Hurst will give you advice on all your legal options after the accident.

Additionally, a lawyer will manage every aspect of your lawsuit and insurance claim to ensure you get compensation.

Handling a Hit and Run Car Accident

No hit and run car accident victim sees it coming. It happens in a flash leaving you injured, your car damaged, or worse. Your safety and that of your occupants should be your first priority.

If you can, however, take in as many details about the runaway car as you can. After seeking medical help, contact an attorney.

Being proactive gives your family the best chance of survival during a motor vehicle accident. Do you have an infant? Check out reviews on the best infant car seats.

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