STX 3000 TF Turboforce Review

The STX 3000 TF turbo has a very powerful motor, with a power outage of 3000W. This is what makes it possible to deliver high quality ground meat. It has the standard size, number 12 grinding head that is made from polished food grade, cast aluminum. It has three stainless steel cutting blades, 3 sizes of sausage stuffing tubes and 3 sizes of grinding plates, made from hardened steel. There is a Kubbe attachment and adapter included with this package. This meat grinder weighs 12 pounds and has dimensions of 16.5 x 6.5 x 14.5 inches, which makes it easier to move it around as you would please.


STX International is known to offer quality products, and this does not come as a surprise to see the meat grinder having so many benefits associated with it. Here are some of the top benefits that you are bound to enjoy from this meat grinder:

  • The powerful motor makes it possible for this meat grinder to handle heavy grinding tasks, which makes it ideal for home or commercial use.
  • The 2 –inch diameter feeding tube will be used for make instant sausages.
  • The motor runs on 3 variable speeds, which you can adjust depending on the particular task that you have.
  • The versatility of this machine is made possible by the 3 cutting blades and 3 grinding plates.
  • The parts of this machine are made from high quality materials, which make it last longer.
  • There is an integrated circuit breaker in the motor, which will trip in the event that the machine is overloaded.
  • It is quite light in terms of the weight and this makes it a portable meat grinder.



  • The STX 3000 TF meat grinder has a locked motor wattage of 3,000 watts.
  • The motor of this meat grinder comes, in three different speeds, starting from low, medium and high.
  • There is a circuit breaker, which is mainly a safety enhancement feature of this machine.
  • It comes with #12 grinder, 2-inch diameter of feed tube and 2-12-inch diameter output for the ground meat.
  • There is a set of 3 grinding plates, 3 pieces sausage tubes, 3 cutting blades and a Kubbe attachment.
  • Most of the parts are made from hardened steel and cast aluminum.

User Guide STX 3000-TF

There is a user manual that is provided with this machine, which you can use to assemble the parts and start using the machine. It is advisable to look at the safety precautions on the user manual so as to understand the safety measures required. Here is a video to help you understand the installation and use of the this meat grinder:

Maintenance and Fixing issues 

Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining this meat grinder. The aluminum parts are not dishwasher safe, which means you will have to clean them manually. Sharpen the blades often and keep the movable parts well-oiled. The meat grinder is covered by a one year warranty that is 100% fixed or replace guarantee. You can use this to get the technical issues sorted out. You should not attempt to do major repairs on your own.


The STX 3000 TF turbo is made by STX International Company, which is a reputable company. This particular model is reliable, and does not disappoint when you use it to grind meat. The heavy and sharp blades will enhance the accuracy and grinding of huge chunks of meat as well as bones. There are several issues that have been pinpointed as drawbacks, which you should not ignore. Put all the issues into consideration before making a final decision to purchase this meat grinder. Generally, the meat grinder is a great invest to have for your home or business.

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