The STX-1800-MG is a stainless steel device that weighs around 13 pounds. It has an air induction cooling structure that makes it easier for the user by offering superior cooling to the motor. As well, the motor practically maintains and extends the existence of the device by offering maximum efficiency. There is a grinding head, stainless steel cutting heads, stuffing tubes, grinding plates, a kubbe connection, and a tomato juicer link. The superior, quality features of the meat grinder make it possible for users to generate first-rate products. Most of the features are either stainless steel or made from cast aluminium hence their superiority. The meat combines the effectiveness of each of its features to give rise to a perfect and ideal product that is vital for various household operations.

Benefits STX 1800-MG

There are various meat grinders in the market currently and each has its own advantages. However, the STX-1800-MG has more advantages than the other models. Its foremost benefits consist of:

  • The meat grinder has features that are made from stainless steel and cast aluminium, thereby offering prolonged existence as well as providing utmost efficiency.
  • The product has a cooling system that cools down the machine in case of overheating and excessive procedures.
  • The weight of the grinder makes it ideal for most household operations.
  • The various features of the grinder are made from materials that do not pose danger to human health. The stainless steel, cast aluminium as well as hardened carbon steel provides protection.
  • The power output of the grinder means that it can handle huge proportions of meat while not slowing down or showing tendencies to slow down, hence increased efficiency. This aspect makes the grinder an ideal product for those with huge amounts of meat to process.
  • The grinder has a three years guarantee assurance, and the first three months have a money back option or replacement alternative.



  • The meat grinder has an output of 1800 Watts, hence a high capacity and constancy in grinding.
  • Most of the parts are either made of stainless steel or cast iron, hence increased durability.
  • The tomato juicer allows one to generate fresh juice.
  • The grinding head and pans allow huge pieces of meat to be directed to the grinding plates, thus lessening the meat preparation and processing time.
  • The grinding plates can handle large amounts of meat that is to be ground
  • The sausage tubes make it easier for the meat quantities to be shaped and rolled into desired pieces.
  • The cutting blades offer a sensitive and highly technical sequence of cutting the meat pieces.
  • The kubbe attachment hastens and makes simpler the process of meat grinding.

User Guide

The meat grinder is uncomplicated to assemble in view of the fact that it has a purchaser guidebook that guides the user on how to execute different operations. The pieces of the machine are unproblematic to isolate hence making it easy to operate. However, the user should make sure that all the grinding plates and blades are well connected and lubricated prior to grinding meat. Below is a comprehensive video as regards the installation procedure:

Maintenance and Fixing issues 

The user should always make sure that the meat grinder is dirt-free in an attempt to shun clogging. Given that the parts of the machine are separable, it is extremely easy to clean the device. This should also thwart corrosion and rust that may emanate from the dirt. In case that the meat grinder fails to function well, the user may make use of the various tips that are outlined in the consumer guidebook. However, if the predicament is mechanical, the users may as well take advantage of the three year warranty that is provided by the manufacturer.


The  STX-1800-MG is a laudable product for most households, as well as other prospective businesses. The power output of the grinder makes it easier to handle huge portions of meat thereby saving time and energy. The various parts of the machine can be removed or detached hence making the cleaning process easier. The versatility of the products makes it an ideal device for household duties. Given that the features and parts of the machine are made from stainless steel and cast iron makes it easier to prevent corrosion and rusting. Such an occurrence means that the machine is therefore durable and robust. It is advisable for family units as well as business entities to buy this machine for easier and desirable meat grinding.

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