The STX-3000-MF is a meat grinding device that weighs around 12 pounds. The nature of the well built machine makes it an ideal kitchen appliance, attributable also to its various uses. It has a strong power output, hence able to handle outsized volumes of meat to be grinded. The apparatus has an induction system that makes cooling of the entire machine easier. This system allows for large proportions of air during the meat grinding procedure, hence giving rise to necessary flow of air. The grinding head made from cast aluminium, the cutting blades made from stainless steel, and the several stuffing tubes along with a kubbe attachment highlight the various enviable features of the meat grinder.


In today’s market, there are various kinds of grinders that serve the same purpose – grinding meat. However, a client would be satisfied with efficiency and easy handling of a meat grinder. Attributable to this, the main benefits of the this meat grinder include;

  • The machine’s circuit breaker is able to operate with other kitchen machines hence flexibility.
  • The device has a sensor that protects the machine by making the circuit to trip in case of excess power or overheating.
  • The machine comes with a three years warranty, including a money back option or a replacement alternative during the first ninety days after purchase.
  • The STX-3000-MF has several stainless steel plates and cutting blades that put forward a wide variety of options.
  • The machine’s motor is able to run on diverse speeds depending on the meat quantity being grinded.
  • The various parts of the machine are made from superior quality materials hence the aspect of longevity.
  • The stainless steel properties make sure that vital parts of the machine are not affected by rust and corrosion.



  • The STX-3000-MF has an induction system that makes it easier for cooling purposes.
  • The machine has several stuffing tubes that are made of diverse dimensions for easier handling.
  • It has a grinding head that is made of cast aluminum, hence not susceptible to rusts and corrosion.
  • It has several cutting blades that are made from stainless steel elements, thus preventing occurrences of rusting.
  • It has several grinding plates that allow for the handling of huge pieces of meat to be grinded.
  • The machine requires electric power to operate.
  • The machine’s motor is housed in stainless steel housing and is well lubricated.
  • It can grind meat in different speeds depending on the size and urgency.

User guide STX 3000-MF

This machine comes with a user guide, which is vital as regards how to assemble and detach the various parts. However, the appliance is effortless to assemble since its various parts are easy to separate and join. However, the user should make sure that all the gears along with the grinding plates are well oiled before the grinding process. The video below offers a comprehensive detail as regards the entire installation process of the machine:

Maintenance and Fixing issues 

The user should always make sure that the machine is clean in an attempt to avoid clogging. So as to avoid rust and corrosion, the user ought to clean all the detachable parts regularly. The user guidebook comes in handy in case of any mishap. However, the user should also make certain that the gears are well oiled for easier operations. The cutting blades should also be sharpened regularly for maximum efficiency.


The STX 3000-MF is manufactured by STX INTERNATIONAL – an extremely worthy and reliable corporation. For this reason, the machine is a laudable venture for households and other meat enterprises, mostly attributable to its efficient output. Given that most parts of the appliance are made from stainless steel, rust and corrosion are thwarted hence enhancing durability. The various blades of the machine make the process of grinding meat easier due to the accuracy levels, while the sensor controls the overheating damage. In general, it is advisable for clients to buy this machine for household and commercial uses.

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