The things to consider when choosing golf rangefinders

Certain considerations are in order if one is to have a smooth experience in using the rangefinders. Because of the nature and use of the rangefinders, they are better chosen with a lot of care to serve the ultimate purpose of precision targeting.

While the rangefinders are known to come in diverse brands, there are two major categories which make them distinct from one another. What usually seems best for one particular user is usually based on the preference of the user.

The GPS and laser rangefinders are different only as far as the names suggest. The laser rangefinders use the laser technology to scan through the horizon while the GPS one is based on the GPS technology range focusing when getting the estimated targets.

The laser rangefinder may come at a cost with its preference over the complicated GPS counterparts. Choosing the correct rangefinder, as complex as it may seem is dependent on some of the following factors:

The cost function

The diversity in the market comes at a cost. With all the enabling features, some rangefinders are known to have more unique features and have the capacity to work better. This whole concept of quality does not come cheaply and is therefore attached to huge financial burden.

The user needs to check on the amount at hand to be able to decide which of the numerous rangefinders to buy. This is better done with conclusive research and carrying out wide comparison of the rangefinders to see which is suitable.

The professional level of the user

It is known in many quarters that the rangefinders can make the novice look like a professional. The use of the laser rangefinders when one is beginning has been found to have more benefits than the other scopes.

The laser rangefinders have better view advantages and can allow the user get a better view of the whole surrounding. However, laser rangefinders may carry with them greater cost.

Consider where it is to be used

If you need something to get a better span of the golf course, the laser rangefinder may be the most ideal implement. The target distance may in some cases not be clearly estimated and may thus have the user miss it tremendously.

The use of the GPS may be complex if the need is simple. However, if it has the advancement of serious competitions, then go for the laser which may have higher precisions and easy and precise levels.

Look at the type of the rangefinder

It may be in some cases that the rangefinders are known to be used in some other areas different from the golfing arena. The hunting rangefinders may include the archery rangefinders, the dual purpose rangefinders and the hunting rangefinders used on the rifles.

While some of the dual purpose rangefinders are known to be used in almost all hunting expeditions selected by the user, archeries are used for close range targets. Considerations based on the manner and angle at which the weapon in question is expected to focus may make the ultimate difference.

You may in some circumstances meet rangefinders with features befitting their use in all manner of hunting activities. These may have some special features which may just be unique to them alone like the incorporated binoculars for better view.


The most fundamental point when one is selecting the rangefinder is carrying out better research and getting to have the facts at hand. This will help in making one of the most informed choices, the hallmark of any modern shopper.

The research on the hunting and golf rangefinders is usually better done by just reading rangefinder reviews which you can be found online and on the diverse rangefinder manufacturer websites like the Wildgame, Nikon and even the Simmons rangefinder manufacturers.

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