The Wild game Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder review


Hunting is as usual a very tedious affair which requires good level of marksmanship, so is golfing. The wild game scope manufacturers found solace in making some of the most outstanding multi user scopes in the market.

Because of the wide experience and with the need of the laser aided devices by clients in the golf course increasing, nothing could have been this better. The wild game as an innovation driven group, has always capitalized on the void left by its competition.

That is where the multi user scopes came in to fill the growing need for rangefinders which can both serve on the golf course and the hunting arena. Some other scopes have not stood out.

However, one particular rangefinder is the Wild game Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder. This scope has something around it which distinguishes it from the rest, especially where the build and features are concerned.

Why the Wild game Innovations Halo XRT ?

Among the diverse rangefinders that are originating from this manufacturer, there are certain characteristics which have been found to make this scope strand out among the rest. These may include;

  • 6 times the magnification power which allows for better clarity in terms of focus of the target in the golf course and the hunting field.
  • Water resistant features, so it can be used even on the rain.
  • A scan mode feature allowing for stability of the focus range.
  • High precision lenses with GPS to improve focus.
  • Uses battery power which is convenient and easy to find.
  • Durable casing to help shield it from knocks and scratches.
  • Reasonable weight for ease of mounting and movement.


Using this rangefinder is bound to give the user the following unique benefits. These include;

  • Convenience in the golf course
  • Cost effectiveness in terms of price which is reasonable in comparison to the others.
  • Efficiency, precision and easy to use. The weight is quite reasonable.
  • Durability
  • Professional oriented use.
  • Technology based with GPS in use.
  • Weather proof use.


How to use the rangefinder

The scope is usually used on targets which are as far as 500 yards. Being a Hunting and Golf Rangefinder, its use is well cutout. It is one scope whose efficiency in the golf course has left tongues wagging, especially with the high level of precision. Hitting the flag where this rangefinder is in use has been like a child’s play.

Other areas which require high efficiency marksmanship have also been seen to adopt its use but not to a great extent seen in the two mentioned areas. In hunting, one can decimate any prey with any riffle with the scope mounted on with ease.

While using it with the mounts which are diverse in the market is preferred, this is a handheld device which can conveniently be carried around. It can also find its ease in use based on the ability of the scope to work in all weather conditions, rain included.

Customer feedback

In the event of most customers being called to give a word for the rangefinder, one thing has always been clear, positive remarks are all you get. Most of the clients agree that this scope works well as advertized by its manufacturer.

With the technology based use being the main points being cited, its use in the golf course is one pleasant area one cannot assume on this rangefinder. It is widely recommended for use across the board. It is however not free from its own share of weaknesses which may not be much.

For its price, it is a preferred scope among the range of rangefinders in the market. If you are in need of a good scope, then the Wild game Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder is what you need to look for.

Other scopes from this brand may also serve the purpose of ensuring that you have a better view of the field and the horizon. However, out of the brand scopes are also available and you may need to look for them in the market, why not take time and check!


In the market, Impulse purchases targeting certain common traditional brands are common. This is usually driven by these brands having put across some of the most concerted advertising stints around, a common feature making most to get what they didn’t bargain for. Do not be deceived.

While these may give some outstanding services, failures are abound, in spite of the huge costs incurred thanks to the capitalization on trust. You are not likely to fall prey to the brand mob with the Wild game Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder because it promises what it gives.

Nobody has the monopoly of ideas and so the traditional brands may not be as effective as they may seem. Quality also doesn’t have to be damn expensive. Rangefinders work on the distance concept and that is what you may have to primarily consider.

This rangefinder offers you the freedom from the monopolizing slavery of the traditional brands with an option of use in the hunting field, if you are into hunting. In spite of the wild game not being among the well known technological companies, the scope has all you need to be able to achieve extraordinarily in the golf course. You are alone; make your pick based on what you feel suits you!

This will definitely be worth every single penny that spend.

If you don’t like Halo XRT, you can click below link to get more information about a similar product is Laser Range Finder.


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