10 Tips for Awesome Kitchen Decorations

A well-decorated kitchen makes a wonderful house. There are useful decoration tips to help remodel your kitchen into a space that’s timeless and appealing. From affordable appliances to bold design choices, there’s a full bag of tricks to make it happen. Below are 10 decoration tips for a great kitchen atmosphere.

1. Declutter Open Shelves and Countertops

Most designers agree that good storage makes a great kitchen environment. Good kitchen storage idea starts with fewer items on display. Avoid clutter in open storage spaces, like the countertop and open shelves.

Achieve this by creating enough hidden storage space, such as closed shelves and cabinets. These should be used as storage space for items you use every day. After all, open shelves and countertops are specially designed for display purposes.

2. Choose Right Countertop

The kitchen countertop is one area prone to dust and stains. A countertop should not be just about beauty and style. Designers recommend a durable countertop that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Choose neutral colors for countertop material. Granite and natural stone provide beauty and extreme durability. Though stylish, marble tends to be delicate and stains easily.

3. Install Cabinets High Enough

Installing cabinets too low makes the kitchen more prone to dust. Furthermore, it makes the ceiling look much lower. It’s recommended that upper cabinets extend to the ceiling.

Doing so showcases more of your beautiful backsplash. It adds a more custom look that creates extra storage.

4. Right Appliance Placement

Place appliances in such a way that they’re not too close together. Furthermore, put them within easy access. For instance, a dishwasher should be placed close to the sink.

Countertop microwaves need to be accessible for frequent use. The best way to achieve that is to install into open cabinetry that’s within arm height. This helps create a seamless look and save countertop space.

5. Place Extra Attention to Good Lighting

Good lighting makes kitchen space look bigger. Ditch small isolated pendants for long linear pendants to create a huge impact.

Settle for LED strips that run beneath the upper cabinet. This will help illuminate the countertop. Consider a decorative wall light or mirrored backsplash that reflects light.

6. Use Color Sparingly

A colorful kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean a rainbow-hued space. Infuse color and pattern rather than a broad stroke of dramatic color. For instance, try to layer color in window treatments, greenery, room-anchoring rug, art, or upholstery.

In short, different design components should deliver the color message. It helps soften the overall look of the kitchen and is a great reflection of personal style.

7. Attention-Grabbing Backsplash

Choose backsplash texture and color that’s far beyond basic. Settle for a texture mix combined with handmade tiles or understated material. You can extend to the ceiling to create a more customized, elevated look.

8. Consider Hideaway Furniture

This is a creative approach to help maximize the functionality of a kitchen. Use practical furniture that store easily out of the way. These include backless bar stools, roll-out tables/cabinets, and drop-down wall-mounted tables/cutting boards.

9. Complement Home’s Architectural Style

The style of the kitchen should be consistent with the architecture of the entire house. It adds an element of continuity and helps keep the kitchen space from looking too trendy.

However, this shouldn’t limit the design options. Take for instance a Spanish kitchen, it doesn’t necessarily need the heavy wooden cabinets. You can choose to make them bright and accent in natural textures and iron hardware.

10. Pay Attention to Accessorizing

Choose the right accessories for your kitchen. Give quality the top priority rather than quantity. Use the opportunity to infuse texture, color, and other things that might be lacking in the kitchen space.

A cookware set is an easy way out to accessorizing a kitchen space. You get all the pans, pots, and other utensils in a matching form that adds style to any kitchen decor.


A few quick decorating touches to a kitchen can transform it into a practice room full of color and life. In fact, it’s a perfect way to showcase your style and personality. Give these quick and practical kitchen decoration tips a try for a clean, organized, and stylish kitchen.

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