5 Tips to Decorate Your Kid’s Room Like a Happy and Friendly Space

decorating kid's room

You have got to be creative. Sometimes, the mature designs you employ for your living room would be nowhere near useful in your kid’s room. So, design your kid’s room with the mind of a child- what do they like?

How do they like what they like?

We have compiled 5 unique tips that would definitely come in handy when it comes to adding a little spark to your kid’s room.

Tips to Decorate Your Kid’s Room

Wooden Playhouse

kid room decoration

Kids love to play (that’s their only job anyway- just kidding). But seriously, kids can’t do without having fun an entire day. What next; they go out to the playground. The possibilities of sustaining injuries are higher. You wouldn’t want that. Then construct an indoor wooden play hose right inside their room. This way, both your kids and their friends would have a great time indoor. But what design features should you look out for? You should consider features that would allow your kids to enjoy the playhouse. Windows for proper ventilation, closable doors with at least a one-inch gap between the door and the unit frame to prevent their hands from being stuck, a veranda and probably a balcony if it is a two-story playhouse. Don’t forget to add strong railings to prevent injuries.

Use Skateboards as Shelves

Yeah – I mean skateboards. This taps into one of kids personalities- play. This is a cheap and efficient way of making your kids’ room fun. You might need a few items- a skateboard (of course), L-brackets, screws, drill, anchors, level and a pencil. You might need to do a little research on how to do this but, be sure to use good anchors and place the anchors where you will need to screw the L-bracket to the wall. You kids room should not only be about mature designs, they should be a little immature but still classic anyways. Skateboards would bring out a friendly atmosphere- try it out.

Use Adorable Indoor Pillows for Kids

Kids also love to sleep a lot. Don’t skip that part of them- sleep may be fun to them; who knows? Make use of decorative pillows or even throw pillows. Kids would definitely love something cozy and unique in their room. There is a fun part of this. Have you ever watched a superman cartoon with your kids- they love these guys! Tap into that- get their favorite superhero and get a pillow designed with them. Help your little one’s superpower shine with this fun and comic book pillow covers. Don’t leave out their mattress. Make the designs on the mattress fit the pillows. In fact, you could get devices that allow your children to sleep better. For instance, you could consider getting a pod cooling system. Check out the pod cooling system review by sleepdelivered.com before buying one. 

Creative Ways of Using Your Kids’ Socks

You see those socks flying around after school- it sucks. Put those socks to use. You could put them on the handle of their doors or even the legs of their chairs. This way, your kids get reminded of school( just kidding). But seriously, during vacation, your kids are kind of complacent right? When they see these socks, they would definitely get reminded of school. Aha! Way to be a corny parent!

Make a Birdhouse

Your kids read adventure stories. Birdhouses could be more fun than you think! Putting these house near their beds would help create this ambiance for them and their friends. Dream a little bigger. It is a cheap way of bringing your kids friendly atmosphere.

Wrapping Up

Whatever you decide to use to get your kid a happier space, do it with creativity. Find what they like. Using what they like would go a longer way than you could imagine. Think out of the box and come out with something unique for your child.

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