Top 5 Off-road Motorcycles in 2017-18

The motorcycle space in the United States is pretty much on the face. It is either big grand cruisers or powerful sports motorcycle that are the go-to models. However, the off-road motorcycle segment has been underrated to a great extent due to the urban lifestyle in most parts. Yet, strong off-roaders occupy a healthy market space and are ever-ready to wrestle it out against traditionally bulked up bikes.

Considering the present condition of the market, there are very few off-road motorcycles that are pumped up and huge as most of them are dirt bikes which resemble the lean powerful stature minus the bulking steroid effect. At major motocross events and relevant shows, the number of such skimpy, yet powerful dirt bikes are just too many and you would be much amazed at it.

So let’s discuss the top five off-road motorbikes in the US so that you know which showroom you are heading to.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Enfield is an international off-road two-wheeler. It is one of the few motorcycles from India to get a world recognition in the off-road sector. With an average price around $2,500, the Royal Enfield  Himalayan is an excellent off-road tourer.

It is powered by a 411cc engine which produces a good 24.5 bhp power at 6,500 revs per minute along with 32 Nm of peak torque at 4,500 revs per minute. It rides on a 21-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel. You can read more about this India-born off-road tourer at


KTM could well be called the pioneer of this segment ways back in time. The KTM 450XC-F is just the kind of motocross off-roader we love seeing. The soft suspension of upside down front fork and swingarm rear, mated to the 18-inch rear wheel, is the perfect answer to your off-road motocross needs. It gets an introductory price tag of $10,099.

Suzuki RMX450Z

It is often termed as the most deserving successor of the RMX450, which was introduced way back in 2010 and was discontinued soon after. The longer front suspension and comfortable rear swingarm spring, along with an extremely sturdy chassis, are the perfect complement to the powerful 450cc heart. This Suzuki off-roader awaits to get on board with a price tag of $8,999.

Yamaha WR450F

The Yamaha WR450F will appear to be a fuller motocross when you are near it but will look very lean from afar. This is a result of Yamaha’s strong belief over legitimate dirt motorbikes. It is based on the similar platform as YZ450F but is better than its predecessor as it passes both emission as well as noise standards. It is a wonderful option to go for at the price tag of $9,099.

Husqvarna FX450

Off-road and Husqvarna are almost complementary to each other. It is almost a purely racer-born dirt motorbike in the industry. Very few people would believe the engine prowess of this slender motocross despite the fact that it looks very sturdy all over. However, the front USD fork is thicker than many in the entire segment. With all the popularity and reliability, the powerful FX450 is retailed at the price tag of $10,099.

Concluding it

It isn’t very easy to be an off-road motorcycle maker. The legitimacy of the motorcycles becomes the biggest concern for such motorcycle makers. Passing the noise as well as emission norms and restrictions are all-important before it can make it to the market.

Hence, considering the way the modernized US market has been shaping up for almost a decade, the number of off-road motorbikes that are on sale in the country is staggering. But with this, choosing the best motocross/dirt motorbike becomes increasingly difficult, especially if you are born in a country like the US, where cruisers and sports tourers have found prominence over any other segment.

The listed five motorcycles are the best that are presently available in the market and exhibit a big thumbs up if you are out there and going through the processes of buying them.

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