Top Tips to Store Your Batteries Safely

Many of you will use batteries on a daily basis, whether it’s for work or leisure. Some of you may only use batteries for household electronic devices, while others might use batteries on a more industrial scale. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you are handling your batteries correctly in order to stay safe.

When using your battery-powered device, there isn’t much to do except make sure the batteries are good quality and in a working condition. However, when it comes to spare batteries or batteries that aren’t being used, there are a few things to remember.

Use the Right Accessories to Store Batteries

At one time or another, you have probably had loose batteries in your purse or kitchen drawer. It’s easy to just throw them in when they’re not being used, but this can lead to problems with the battery including potential damage.

Batteries can be shorted if they come into contact with other metal objects, which is very common if you store loose batteries. In some cases, this will lead to leaking or ruptured batteries.

Many global battery manufacturers, such as Panasonic Eneloop, are releasing innovative new ways to make it easier to keep batteries safe. Something as simple as slider battery packaging can then provide a great storage box for batteries when not in use.

Storing Your Batteries in The Right Environment

It’s important that you store your batteries in the right environment to keep them in working condition and to reduce the risk of damage. Extreme temperatures can sometimes have a negative impact on the performance and condition of your batteries; this goes for both extremely hot and extremely cold!

For this reason, if you ever hear the story of putting your batteries in the fridge to help battery life or performance, don’t do it. Keeping your batteries in a dry environment at room temperature is best.

Likewise, if you are storing spare batteries then you should always keep them in a safe place away from children. It’s crucial to keep batteries out of reach of little children.

Store Different Batteries in Different Containers

If you have different types of batteries in your home or office, make sure that you use separate containers to store them. Don’t ever make the mistake of putting them together in one single box. It will end up destroying them fast.

Avoid Electrical Conduction

If you are not using a battery currently, but you are planning to use it soon, make sure that you try to avoid electrical conduction, which occurs when your battery comes in contact with metal. It will drain it fast. One of the best ways to prevent electrical conduction is to avoid storing your battery in a metal container.

Look out For Advanced Battery Features

Modern battery technology means that storing your batteries is a much more feasible option than in previous years. This means you don’t need to go to any extreme lengths to preserve the power left in your batteries.

Battery manufacturers like Duracell have created technology that allows a longer life when the batteries aren’t in use. For example, batteries with Duralock provides 10 years of storage life and many other batteries will last a number of years in storage without losing too much of their power.

So, next time you think about throwing your spare batteries lose in the kitchen drawer, invest in a storage box or other way of keeping your batteries safe!

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