Top 5 Uses of GPS Trackers


Most of us are used to using GPS for tracking and finding locations, but did you know you can use GPS trackers to secure your valuables, look after your luggage or even go on a treasure hunt?

In fact, the benefits of using GPS tracking technology are virtually limitless, but these are our top 5 uses for GPS trackers.

Car tracking

Esquema localização e identificação


Do you often forget where you’re parked? Or you’re visiting a new neighborhood and aren’t sure how safe your vehicle is?

Using a car GPS tracker lets you see the exact location of your vehicle on your smartphone app which means that if it moves unexpectedly you can alert the police instantly to what’s going on.

GPS trackers are an effective and reliable way of recovering stolen vehicles – and they’re really handy if you just have a bad memory!

Fleet tracking


Tracking a single vehicle is a smart security precaution.

Tracking a fleet can push down costs almost as soon as your GPS trackers are installed.

Fleet tracking is all about efficiency, allowing your business to optimize routes and minimize fuel and operational costs at a stroke.

Other benefits of fleet tracking include the ability to dispatch the right driver for the job while identifying the most efficient route for them to take.

You’ll improve the lifespan of your fleet by minimizing idling and unnecessary mileage and you can improve fleet safety through ease of communication to keep your vehicles out of any potentially disastrous situations.

Personal Tracking


Personal tracking cuts across generations, allowing you to keep track of your kids and vulnerable older people.

Pop a tracker in your child’s bag when they set off for school or go trick or treating and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that they’re safe and sound.

You can even keep an eye on a newly qualified teen driver to make sure they stay within the law.


Many care homes now use tracker technology to safeguard older people who may wander and become confused.

These types of GPS trackers often contain an emergency button which alerts you when the user is in difficulty, for example, if they’ve had a fall or can’t find their way home.

If an elderly relative is one of the 850,000 people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in the UK, then GPS technology is the ideal way to keep them safe while prolonging their independence, giving you both peace of mind.

Pet tracking


If your pet feels like a member of the family, then you’ll want to protect them with an animal tracker.

These types of GPS trackers attach discreetly to a collar and you can then set alerts on your tracking app so that you get an instant text alert if your dog or cat leaves the safety of your garden or another safe area.

It only takes a loud bang to scare your cat or an inviting open gate to have your pet wander out of your life, sometimes forever. With a pet tracker, you have the best possible chance of bringing them home before that happens.

Asset tracking


From farm machinery to your boat or caravan, GPS asset trackers are the savvy way to safeguard your property.

You can set geo-fence alerts so you’ll instantly know whether your assets have been moved and you can monitor everything you own from your computer or smartphone.

If your caravan is parked on a campsite or your boat’s moored at a marina, out of sight no longer has to mean out of mind when you use GPS tracking technology.

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