TopCoat F11: Best Auto Detailing Product Review

People who are beginners and are not auto enthusiast may find no difference between auto detailing and car washing. Auto detailing, as the word suggests requires attention to every single detail and makes you place your focus on the smallest inner and outer parts of your car. Auto detailing is carried out by using auto detailing products designed specifically for specific purposes. But what exactly is auto detailing?

What Is Auto Detailing?

Auto Detailing is a process of restoration that your automobile undergoes in order for it to look brand new. The entire process is made up of cleaning, reconditioning and maintaining of cars and other vehicles. These detailing services make sure that your vehicle is worthy of a show and to make its appearance resemble the looks when you first saw your vehicle.

The most important thing that you gain from this process is that your car looks shiny and has no scratches on its surface. Auto detailing is of two types, interior, and exterior.

Interior Auto Detailing

Interior Auto Detailing is cleaning the inside of an automobile. This includes vinyl, plastic fibers, leather, carbon fiber, natural fibers, and plastic. Inner detailing focuses on the shelf, truck, rear cargo, seats, etc. and makes use of auto detailing products and air compressors to clean the parts difficult to reach.

Exterior Auto Detailing

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This detailing is done on the outer parts of a vehicle. Your automobile is cleaned, shined, and all scratches are removed or minimized. Exterior detailing makes use of washing and drying, but this wash is not similar to a car wash because auto detailing is done using hands.

Once the cleaning is done, and your automobile is free from residue and impurities, a glossy look is given to it via a sealant. If you want a good sealant that gives your car a sleek and shiny look, then I recommend to you TopCoat F11.

TopCoat.Store focuses on exterior auto dealing with your vehicles. They aim at bringing the best technology available on the market to your doorstep. With TopCoat products, you can make your car look brand new and stain free. TopCoat uses the premium quality material in producing each and every product they have and with this quality they are able to offer what they promise.

TopCoat sells a professional microfiber towel made from high fiber and medium density ensuring ultra-glide smoothness with its buffing characteristics. However, TopCoat is famous due to its most-selling product which is TopCoat F11.

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TopCoat F11

TopCoat F11 is a sealant ideal for professional and helps in maintaining, protecting and enhancing different surfaces and materials. Formula 11 helps in represented the latest generation of TopCoat’s water-based, highly advanced, multi-use and multipurpose coating technology which is also eco-friendly.

This new product from TopCoat helps in improving the performance of your coating and brings out its characteristics. Formula 11 works great on dark colors and can hide the rigid swirl marks and scratches present on your car. F11 is not only effective at what it does but is also long-lasting, durable, hydrophobic making it easy to work on glass and is also very slick.

The slickness of this product makes it incredibly easy to use and reduce all kinds of dirt and debris that you want. Since F11 is silicone free it brings no damage to your surfaces nor does it leave it all slick.

Key Benefits Of Formula 11

Some key benefits present in the non-stick coating technology are that this sealant is made with water-based formula thus making it eco-friendly. F 11 contains no abrasive compounds or solvents and has easy-release characteristics.

When using this TopCoat, you no longer have to stir and shake the bottle constantly; this product requires no mechanical buffing or any orbital. Wherever this item is used will remain water-resistant and will be protected from bird droppings, acid rain, dust, etc.

Formula 11 as mentioned multiple times is a multi-purpose sealant; it helps in the coating, restoring and protecting multiple types of materials including plastic. F11 can undergo high temperatures and is not at all flammable. Its non-flammable attribute makes it great for grills, engines, stove tops, etc.


  • Formula 11 has an easy on easy off formulation allowing you to save time and still making your vehicle look brand new.
  • It helps in repelling water easily.
  • The more you use this product the better protection your vehicle gets.
  • Is incredibly long lasting can last for one whole month.
  • Makes cleaning coated surfaces easy to maintain; all you have to do is hose it down with water.


  • For some customers, F11 caused some problems on the interior and exterior of the windshield.
  • Won’t get enough amount of formula for the high price you are paying.

Who Is It For?

TopCoat Formula 11 sealant is ideal for professional mechanics. It can be used on cars and other vehicles saving these professional car workers their time and doing its job. This sealant is also suitable for building construction and can help block out dust and dirt. In construction, this product can be used in waterproofing areas, on the doors, bathrooms, and windows as well as fireproofing buildings.

This product can also be used domestically by customers. DIY enthusiasts can use F11 in making their grills, stove and other surfaces look brand new. Even though it is safe and works on fabrics, leather, and vinyl; this product is a slick coating, so I advise you to not apply it to these textures.

You can also use TopCoat on new paint. However, we recommend that you give your paint time to breath and dry out before you use F11. This product can also be used by bike fanatics and on their windshields, window tints, vinyl stickers, etc.

With the number of multiple possibilities this product has, F11 can be used by professionals as well as domestically making it TopCoat’s number one item.

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  1. Is there anyway i could get a sample of this product ? I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT ThunderRoad Special,and it it Red,and shines already,but id like to see if your product will make it look even better ? Sincerely, Peter Strickland

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