6 Tips you can trim Your Moving Costs with Professional Movers

Moving costs are high in the peak season that is from June to August. Most of the people move in this season in which most packers and movers raise the costs. Relocation can be expensive for many families, and the stress it brings is hard to face for most people.

The average moving cost within a state in America is $5630 for a move of 1220 miles. People who need to shift their house due to the relocation of their job can get the compensation for moving from their employer, but who relocate for other reasons need to pay themselves.

High costs of moving can be painful if you don’t find the ways to cut the costs to reduce the burden. This post shares the top 6 tips you can use to trim your moving costs with professional movers.

Pack and Move yourself

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Packers and movers charge according to the weight of the packages and the distance to be travelled. It is better to arrange the moving process yourself instead of getting it done by a moving company. You can hire a truck and pack the items yourself to save the costs.

Start the packing of items at least one month before the moving day, so that you can have enough time to pack. If you can’t find time to pack yourself, you can take professional help who can pack your big and fragile items like home appliances within a few hours.

Get some cardboard boxes and pack the smaller items on your own to save on the packing cost. Hire a transportation truck for moving the packages to your new house.

Sell the items you don’t need

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In case you decide to hire a moving professional, they will charge according to the weight of your packages. It is better to sell the items and appliances that you don’t want to use in your new place. You can sell the unwanted items in the garage sales, flea markets, second-hand stores or give them to charity.

Also, there are many online marketplaces like eBay where you can sell your used items. Selling the unwanted items helps you reduce the weight of packages which in turn reduce the cost of moving.

Move in off-peak times

If it is not essential to move in the peak season, it is better to decide a moving date in the off-peak season. The professional movers and packers raise their costs during the peak season, as the demand is high, and customers have no choice other than moving.

Most people plan their moving date in the summer as their children are on vacation. If your moving date is flexible, you should try to decide a moving date in the off-peak season as the costs will be less during this time.

Compare the prices of various movers

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You should compare the prices of various moving companies and select three to four best companies offering high quality moving services. Ask them for the no-obligation quotes to compare the costs and choose the one for moving your house.

It is not always right to select the one that offers the lowest quote as they may not provide the quality services. Some moving agencies will give you a discount on packing services.

Choose the moving company that offers good quality services at an average price like the removalist cairns. If you decide to move in the off-season, many companies will offer you discounts.

Invest in Insurance to cover your items

The moving company offers the basic coverage for your items for the in-state as well as interstate move. If you want to ensure your valuable items for full coverage, you will need to pay extra.

When you apply for complete coverage of your expensive items, the moving company pays the total cash value of the item if it is damaged while moving.

Save money on the packing supplies

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The best you can do to save on your moving costs is to save on the packing supplies which are mostly ignored by the people. Packing materials like the cardboard boxes are the most significant expenses in the moving process.

You can use the materials in your home or borrow the supply materials from your friends and relative and return them after use. Also, look for the things like card boxes in the local stores, where they throw them after unpacking their stock.

Final words

The points mentioned in this post are only a handful of the tips you can use to trim your moving costs. There are many other ways you can use to reduce the high costs of moving. Taking care of little things and doing proper research will help you to save a lot of money on moving to a new location.

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