Typical Features of the Best E-commerce Websites in the World

While online stores are all a little different, the most successful ones share the same qualities. Use this brief guide to learn more about the features that can make or break an e-commerce website.

Typical Features of the Best E-commerce Websites in the World

Ease of Access

Website design is the key to success when it comes to e-commerce. Not only do you need a design that is appealing to the eye, but you also need something that is easy to navigate. While many new companies will rely on pre-built websites hosted on platforms, e-commerce giants will build their own. A good, professional design will make it easy to display shopping categories, access the shopping cart and checkout feature, and be simple to read. The goal of the website is to be very clear on what the customer is getting when they purchase but to also look unique and memorable.

Multiple Types of Payment

Not everyone is comfortable whipping out their credit card on a website, even if it is an online store with a lot of brand recognition. Incorporating several payment options makes it easier for customers to pay, but it can also give them a lot of peace of mind.

Large Selection and Variety

While a lot can be said about stores that specialize in a niche market, the largest e-commerce stores offer “one-stop” solutions that allow people to find almost anything they want in one place. Alibaba is a great example. While they focus on B2B e-commerce sales, they offer items in almost every category from home appliances to machinery. This variety attracts a lot of customers, which is part of the reason why the stock price Alibaba has is so high.

The Ability for Anyone to Sell

Some of the largest e-commerce websites only carry their own merchandise, but many of them are realizing that there is money in letting businesses on to their site. Large online superstores will have different rules for who can sell on them and how. These rules are very heavily enforced but allow for the website to “carry” more merchandise without having to house it.

Name Recognition and Credibility

We live in a world where people can share their good and bad experiences with the click of a button. This could come in the form of online reviews, but usually, a store’s reputation can be seen on social media. Large e-commerce stores often have entire customer service teams dedicated to monitoring social media activity. This is partially because they want to help customers in need, but it is also because they know more than one person is monitoring the conversation. Bad customer service can lead to a loss of sales, especially if the post goes viral.

Good e-commerce stores also want to build a social media presence to boost brand recognition. The largest e-commerce sites will build business accounts on major platforms and place ads. Their customer service teams will usually monitor all activity to answer questions and provide support.

There are several features a successful e-commerce store needs to have. To learn more, please contact us today.

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