4 Ways to Know If Your Dog Food Works

Food health standards in recent years have undergone some major changes to improve our health and safety. But, what about our furry friends?

There is a constant stream of information about what types of foods are healthy or not for people, what food labels mean, and what to look out for when buying food. And if all that matters when it comes to our health and well-being, then surely what we feed our pets affects their health as well.

For many people, their dog is a member of their family. And, like any other family member, you want to keep them happy, healthy, and around for a long time.

Knowing what you’re feeding your dog is the first place to begin ensuring your pup is the healthiest he or she can be.

4 Ways to Know If Your Dog Food Works

Valid Claims Vs Marketing Hype

One of the biggest difficulties with owning a dog is they can’t tell you what is going on with them. So when your vet suggests changing your pup’s food to help them feel better, it’s difficult to know if the food is a benefit or not.

One way to ensure your dog is receiving quality food is to look for dog food with phrases like “doctor recommended” or “clinically proven.” Brands with these claims are regulated by the FDA and FTC. This means they are held to a higher and stricter standard than the other brands.

Typically these brands also feature phrases like “clinically proven to improve joint pain and make their coat shinier.” If the brand does not have the “clinically proven” phrase with their claims they are not tested.

When it comes to ensuring the health and well-being of your pet make sure to choose brands with those key phrases in their claims.

Label Meanings

There is a specific way to read the labels on dog food packaging. Things like the percentage of real protein vs water and what the phrased “flavored” really means, are all located on the label. If you know how to read them.

Now, this doesn’t mean information on the label like the brand name or ensuring it says dog food on it and not chinchilla food.

Here we mean the name of the dog food, for example, “Chicken and rice.” The first-word chicken indicates that chicken (without calculating water) makes up 95% of the entire product. However, if the name is changed to “Chicken and Rice Dinner,” then the chicken is only 25% of the whole product.

And finally, if the name is worded “Chicken dinner with rice” then chicken makes 25% of the whole product while rice makes up 3% of the whole product.

Knowing what the labels mean can help you to know what you’re already buying for your dog, and whether you should change their food or not.

Appropriate Food for Your Dog

Again, not referring to be able to tell the difference between dog food and alfalfa hay. But, you should ask yourself when was the last time you checked to see if your dog is still in the optimal target range for the food they eat?

For example, if your dog is ten years old and they’ve been eating the same food for the last 7 years, but that food is meant for dog’s ages 1-4, then it’s time to change.

Same goes for when choosing a new food for your dog. Make sure you are aware of how old your dog is and how much they weigh. Whether they are a large breed or small breed, and how active they are.

These all come into play when choosing the right dog food for your dog’s needs. After all your pup deserves every bit of consideration for their diet and health as you do.

Your Dog and Their Food

Your dog is more than a pet, he or she is a member of your family. And as such is an important part of everyone’s lives and should be taken care of.

Knowing what kind of food your dog is eating and how to choose the right type of food for your dog is the first step in ensuring their health and well-being. The standards the different brands are held to depend on the phrases used like “clinically proven.”

Also the phrasing for the labels of type of food like “chicken dinner and rice” identify how much of each ingredient makes up the whole product.

Take care to know what you’re feeding your dog and give them the gift of a long, healthy, and happy life with you.

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