Weego JS12 12000mAh Jump Starter Review

Pulling a cumbersome 50 Lb jump starter to start my truck stuck in the snow was a real headache, especially when you have to make it to the market at the crack of dawn. Fortunately my 18 year old son was there to help me out. Weak later a parcel arrived with a card on it, “Dad, Happy Birthday; this is a present from the New Generation.”

To my amazement it was a neatly packed jump starter.

My First Impression

Weego JS12 in the box

The pocket size Weego JS12 12V Lithium-ion claimed to have 3 functions:

  1. Start my engine
  2. Charge my mobile phone
  3. Fit into my pocket

It was hard to believe that this little device, 6.2 x 3 x 1 inches and weighing 15.2 ounces can do all that. My first impression was this is just another advertisement and on the second jump start the batteries are flat out. However in less than a month I was proven wrong. It did start my truck at freezing weather, it did charge my mobile and laptop and it did fit comfortably in my car’s dashboard if not in my pocket.

Overall a great little Power House

During the past year I have jump started my truck, my wife’s car and even my lawnmower with no hassle and it keeps giving results. As my son wrote on his Birthday card it is really a gift from the New Generation.

I have lost count the number of times I have recharged my Weego but the manufacturer guarantees 1000 full charging cycles. The Lithium-ion battery is truly long lasting. Last time when we went abroad for a month on my return believe it or not it just lost 5% of its power. Plugged in, it will be recharged fully within 3 hours. If it didn’t there must be something wrong because I timed my device and it always scored under 3 hours.

Jump start a car

Fully charged it is capable of jump starting up to 6.4L Gas and 3.2L Diesel engines being it your truck, car, bike, snowmobile, lawnmower, ATVs and believe it or not you boat.

Not just a jump starter

Jump starting your truck and then charging your laptop! I didn’t go for it at the beginning. Butlast time when my smartphone was out during vacation, my Weegocharged it with no problem at all. It has two power outputs: 12V/10A and 19V/3.5A. Therefore you can simply connect all devices such as; mobile phones, tablets, smartphones and laptops with aUSB connection to it. This is what I call New Generation.


This is an issue which I have had some personal experience with, when a wrong connection blew up my battery. So I was very keen to read through all the safety measures of Weego JS12 in the user manual. It has a built-in-circuit protection system. Also there is a built-in LED flashlight with Strobe and SOS emergency lights.

In addition it has an automatic turn off system insuring safety and at the same time saving the battery charge.


When it comes to reliability, one of the indicators which I look for is the warranty policy the manufactures presents. Well I buy many items online, especially auto tools. But to be honest 18 months warranty provided by the producer is rare in this field of industrial goods and breaks market habits. So in my view providing such a long warranty is a good indicator of the reliability of the product.


Well it was not all down hill with my Weego JS12. First you should have the Amp output of the device in mind so you set your expectations right. The starting current is at the maximum, 200A/400A. Surely it would not be suitable to jump start a car with a fully dead battery.

On my recommendation a friend of mine bought a Weego JS12 but it took him 6 hours to fully charge. It should have fully charged within 3 hours so there was something seriously wrong. In such cases the best thing to do is to ask for a replacement. Fortunately the support system at: support@myweego.com was quiet forthcoming and had it replaced in a mater of days.

Final Verdict

The manufacturer has claimed that Weego JS12 12000mAh Jump Starter can be charged and discharged 1000 times in a life time. This means that if you carry out this cycle once every day you would have 3 years of guaranteed operation. I give it credit because it has backed it with 18 months warranty which is truly rare for such a device. Its small size might make you hesitant about its power. For example will it really have the power to kick start a boat engine? To the surprise of my best friend who checked it out on his boat in the marina, by turning on the switch it fired like a piece of cake. In one word it does what it claims and it’s a useful tool to have around when you are in a pinch!

Weego JS12 is an awesome power pack at a price range of under $200. I have checked it over and over again and it surely is a good investment. For me, its reassuring to have a Weego  JS12 in my car. I recommend it, no doubt about it.

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