Where Can I Find my Wood Tray?

You love our table legs, and so do we; but with a tray, it’s still better! Many of you are looking for a plateau without knowing where to start your research.

So, to make things easier for you, we have prepared a short guide for you, allowing you to find the medium of your dreams quickly?

There are several options available to you, but before you begin, it is essential to take stock of your needs:

  • How will I use my tray? For example, will he have to stay indoors or outdoors? Will he have to bear a heavy load?
  • What is the aesthetics of the tray I am looking for? What type of wood will go best with my interior decoration?
  • What is my budget? Depending on the supplier, the prices can vary very quickly!

To answer his first two questions, take a look here!

Once you’ve defined your needs, it’s high time to take action!

Custom Wood stores

Wood stores offer you a not insignificant comfort: that of custom cutting! Thus, you can often choose from a wide choice, all in the exact dimensions that correspond to your needs! Moreover, cutting wood in the store is very easy and generally relatively inexpensive.

Some brands will also offer you the purchase of raw wood trays, such as Wood Touch, for example. An excellent option to provide you with a racy tray without too much research!

The +: Fast, economical, and accessible!

The -: Not necessarily the most original/authentic

Some examples: Wood Touch, Wood Slabs

In sawmill

What if we go to the source? In a sawmill, you will inevitably find what you are looking for! You will have a wide choice of wood species for your board. All you have to do is choose!

Nevertheless, caution! The wood is often “green,” in this case, and it will have to be dried… at least 1 year! So, plan your stocks by going through a sawmill.

Finally, the quantities may be pretty significant: indeed, it is not interesting for a sawyer to sell by the board. You will often be offered a whole plot. Advantage or disadvantage? It will depend on your project!

  • The +: You will not find cheaper!
  • The -: Greenwood and often in large quantities


Are you looking for a unique and authentic piece? What if you turned to a craftsman to make your tray? Here, we appreciate the contact and the professional advice: on the size of the top, on the type of wood to favor according to its use. In short, going through a cabinetmaker is the guarantee of opting for a quality wood, which will improve over time and will be perfectly suited to your needs!

And what could be better than a beautiful slice of wood made for you, for an interior that reflects your image?

The +: A unique and quality piece! 

The -: Given the work done, a cabinetmaker’s tray can be expensive

Specialized sites

You don’t want to travel? No problem! The Internet is here for you.

Take advantage of sites specializing in the sale/cutting of wood. Here, the wood offered is often very respectful of the environment, and you can choose among many species options. And also, to make custom cuts!

Very practical in particular thanks to the delivery, do not hesitate to consult several sites for the same type of product: indeed, the prices can quickly climb!

The +: Nothing more comfortable! Custom cutting, home delivery…?

The -: It is often a bit expensive, and you cannot see the wood before buying it!

Some examples:  The wood factory

The details

We don’t think about it enough, and yet! It is quite possible to find a wooden tray on a garage sale or commercial ad site! The wood is often dry, and the offer is varied. The key is to be attentive to get the best out of it and get a good deal!

  • The +: Often dry wood, varied offer
  • The -: Pay attention to the quality of the product you buy! 

And finally

final view of wood tray

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