Why Do People Lust Over Workstation Sinks During Kitchen Remodels?

We are all guest chefs in our culinary show when we make ramen in our own kitchen! That’s the truth, and you know it.

We all love playing the chef in our kitchens. Preparing meals for ourselves on the weekends, or for our family for dinner is a part of life. Many of us love the time we spend prepping meals, cooking, and serving. However, only a handful few like cleaning up.

Every professional chef knows it by heart that when you love to cook, you need to learn how to keep your workstation clean as well. That is one of the first lessons a chef receives when he or she gets to man a station.

Keeping your working station clean, whether you are cooking for just one person or fifty, can help you serve a healthy and sanitary meal. No amount of washing the veggies and cleaning the plates will ensure good hygiene unless you are ready to invest in a clean workstation.

Who should consider opting for a workstation sink?

You can achieve a clean working and prepping area instantly if you opt for a workstation sink. This type of sink is also popular as a chef’s sink. It comes with multiple accessories, including a colander, drying rack, chopping board, and knife holders.

Why do people lust over workstation sinks during kitchen remodels?
Why do people lust over workstation sinks during kitchen remodels?

You are right! A chef’s sink has been skyrocketing in popularity. These workstation sinks are the perfect addition for your galley kitchen. The increasing affordability of smaller apartments, one-bedroom homes and mobile homes have made these sinks incredibly famous.

Cooking shows, home remodeling shows, and real-estate shows have drawn significant attention to the details of sinks in the kitchen. We are seeing a lot of young married couples, and even experienced folks inquire about composite and stainless-steel workstation sinks for their smaller homes.

Workstation sinks are quite useful when you are thinking about downsizing. When moving into a studio apartment or a one-story home with a small modular kitchen, you should consider a bottom-mount sink. A chef sink will not only help you manage multiple stages of cooking more than one dish, but it will also give you the chance to prepare more hygienic meals for yourself, your family, and friends.

How will a workstation sink enhance your prepping and cooking experience?

Almost all workstation sinks have additional units that help in the cleanup. If you are purchasing an authentic chef sink, it should come with drying mats, sink (bottom) grids, drain boards, and sponge holders. While they have an umpteen number of accessories, these typically slide over the sink easily by fitting into pre-made slots. You can secure them to the side of the sink when you don’t need them, and when you do need them, you can fix them, so they are stable and safe.

Most of the accessories, including the colander and drying racks, are dishwasher safe. That makes all sorts of post-prep clean up super easy and non-messy for everyone. Even cleaning up the kitchen after your children make you breakfast in bed will be a breeze if you have a chef’s sink in place.

How to pick the right workstation sink for your kitchen?

Choosing a workstation sink might not be as easy as selecting a stainless steel undermount sink over a ceramic or composite sink. Many recognized brands offer workstations sinks at $150 or even less. Sometimes, you can find these incredible sinks are amazing discounts. While choosing a sink, do make sure that the price includes the cost of the accessories. Some European brands offer kitchen sinks at unbelievably low prices, but they do not include the add-ons to the chef’s sink within the final price.

The price of each sink depends on its material, size, style, and the number of accessories you pick. You might find composite sinks that cost significantly lesser than fireclay and stainless-steel sinks. On the other hand, a small stainless-steel sink can cost lower than a much larger fireclay variant packed with accessories. The price will also depend upon the brand you choose and its popularity.

However, if you love the flush finish of an undermount model, you need to consider the impact of the complex replacement process and installment charges. Drop-in models are cheaper to install since you may not even need a contractor and plumber during the process. You will need to consider top-mount designs when you are not remodeling but merely replacing an old sink. Nonetheless, top-mount sinks restrict the choice of workstation sinks.

How can you ensure that the chef’s sinks are the best kitchen investments?

Right now, you have more reasons than ever to consider a kitchen remodel. The remodel cost vs. return reports show that you can potentially receive an 80.2% return on the money you spend behind remodeling the kitchen countertop. Replacing your old drop-in sink with a sophisticated bottom-mount chef sink definitely counts as an upgrade.

According to the report and the consensus of real estate agents, remodeling the kitchen space or countertop of any home before it goes on the market can boost its resale value. You can expect to enjoy one of the highest returns on remodeling investments by spending money on your kitchen sink. The most popular workstation sink materials include stainless steel, granite, composite granite or quartz, and fireclay. According to market research, the highest return comes from installing stainless steel or granite ledge sinks in the kitchen, irrespective of their sizes.

Besides, you will always finish prepping your meals and cooking them on-time. You will never have to bring out a whole arsenal of sponges, dust cloths, and brushes to clean the sink and the surrounding areas. You will never have to step on a stray peel that slipped from the countertop onto the floor while you were prepping your meal. The cohesive set up will ensure that your kitchen countertop, floor, and area around the sink remain clean while you serve a home-prepped and home-cooked dinner to your children before their favorite show comes on!

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