Why Should I take an Intensive Driving Course?

Learning to drive a car and acquiring a driving license can take much time than you can expect. Intensive driving lessons ensure you use less time to learn how to drive or to refresh your skills before taking on the practical test. Intensive driving courses are as the word suggest intensely.

Lessons might take several hours each day for consecutive days. They will be tailored to meet your specific needs so that you can pass the test. Fast learners will find it easy. However, this course may not be suitable for everybody. You must be ready to spend long hours behind the wheel.

The main objective of this course is to impart driving skills and theory to a learner in a short period. This will help them pass the test and get on the road safely.

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A Combat Center Marine takes a Ford Mustang for a high-speed spin on the makeshift precision driving course across the street from the Main Exchange during the Ford: Operation Drive One event June 4. With professional drivers in the passenger seats of the vehicles, the course allowed service members and their families a chance to try out driving techniques not legal on normal roads.

What does an Intensive Driving Course Entail?

An intensive driving course will offer almost similar training to a conventional driving course. The main difference is that sessions are longer. The instructor will also gauge your skills and focus more on weakness areas that you need to improve on.

Intensive driving course will typically take two weeks for learners who have not had any driving experience. For those who want to refresh their skills before a test, it may take two or three days. These are not hard and fast rules. They may change depending on an individual’s ability and prior experience.

Daily lessons will range in time from 2 to 6 hours each day. It is crucial to gauge whether you could spend that much time in a day as it may be overwhelming for some people.

Who should take an Intensive Driving Course

An intense course is not any easier than the usual driving course. You’ll still need to learn all the essential driving skills and theory taught in the other course. It is only that you will take a shorter period. You’ll still need to pass the test with an independent government examiner.

Some learners will prefer this course because they learn better under intense pressure. Others prefer to take a longer, less intense course. Some people come across employment opportunities that require a driving license. In such a case, an intense course may come in handy.

Before settling on a driving school to take your intensive course, be sure to check out a few things. Don’t always go for the cheapest option. Check the reviews and pass rate of previous learners. Check if it is near your home or if the instructor will come to pick you up.

You could also check if they have a residential option. It may be better to take up a residential option in terms of cost and focus. The school and the instructors must be approved by the relevant authorities.

Intensive Driving Course Cost

Charges vary between one driving school and the other. There are several variables involved. You may choose to have an onboard course to focus on your lessons. Most driving schools will charge for the whole course rather than an hourly rate.

It is cost effective to have an intensive driving course compared to the ordinary course. For this course, you’ll pay the whole amount upfront which may seem like a significant figure. For the ordinary course, you’ll pay an hourly rate which might end up being a lot of money at the end. However, whichever course you take, you’ll still need to pass the test.

For those who choose to take an intensive driving course, failing the test will make you spend more money. There are no guarantees that you’ll pass the test after an intensive driving course. For an ordinary course, a learner may postpone the test up to a time they feel they are ready.

Is an Intense Course Worth the Trouble?

Is an intensive course worth the stress and the money? For people who don’t have a lot of time, this course may be suitable for them. People who perform well under pressure may also find this test exciting. Everything happens in a short time, so most lessons will be fresh in the mind as you take the test.

Driving lessons that drag on for months or even years may lead to a learner forgetting some things. You will save money with an intense course if you pass the government test at the end of the course. You may also grab an opportunity that would have passed you due to lack of a driving license.

However, there is the perception that an intensive driving course doesn’t prepare learners well enough for the road. We should never forget that the main aim of a driving course is not to obtain a license. It should be to drive safely on the road. A two-week period may not be enough to expose a learner to all the variables such as weather.

Intense driving lessons are not for everyone. There are no guarantees that you’ll pass the test. Even the driving schools that say that they’ll guarantee a pass in the test can’t do that. The test is done by a government examiner who will test your performance on that day. You may be ill-prepared to drive on the roads even after passing the test.

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