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What is a wine cooler?

  • Wine cooler or Wine Refrigerator is a compact and dedicated cooling appliance specially built to store and cool wine. It is essentially an indispensable storage gadget for the wine lovers, for whom matured and perfectly chilled wine is the ultimate symbol of enjoyment, relaxation and social interaction. For all those who take pride in their carefully selected wines from all over the globe, a wine cooler is an ideal display counter, to show off their prized collection.
  • Wine coolers are innovatively designed to maintain the flavor of wines since unsuitable temperature and humidity may ruin the gently sparkling taste. A wine cooler preserves the essential characteristics of any wine by maintaining a consistent and appropriate cooling environment. The use of wine cooler is on the rise since it is devoted to the task of refrigerating the wine bottles and gives you an easy access to your favorite relaxation drink by keeping them ready to be served.  There are a different shapes, looks and sizes to place a perfect model in your living room or kitchen, the activity room or in individual rooms if you are into a hotel business.

Why You Should Buy a Wine Cooler?

Your dad may suggest you to keep your wine bottles in the refrigerator. But there are a number of reasons that I prefer a wine cooler over a routine kitchen refrigerator.

  • It is specially designed to store wine at the right serving temperature, so that you can serve the wine straight out of the cooler.
  • A wine cooler is a compact appliance, so it can be placed anywhere you wish, so that you don’t have to walk to and fro between kitchen and living room, to fetch chilled wine bottles.
  • It can be easily moved to any location depending upon the need and it takes a little space in your packed home.
  • You can monitor the temperature for your wine, which is not possible in a refrigerator storing so many other foods.
  • This product is meant to give the best environment to make the wine age for that signature sparkling flavor.

Types of wine coolers

The history of wine coolers is unknown, but probably some wine lover’s need of preserving the wine for his personal use, may have created the first ever wine cooler. But right now we have the information about the types of wine cooler, so that you can select the one that suits your specific needs.

Counter-Top Cooler

  • If your idea of wine is not about collecting, but enjoying it, then you need a counter-top wine cooler. These are ideal in those homes, where space is limited and you would rather want something compact to be place on a kitchen shelf or on a cabinet in your living room.
  • These wine coolers have shelves to store up to 24 bottles of wine, sufficient to take care of your occasional parties with close buddies. Since you have to fit it in a small space, choosing a wine cooler must include checking for integrated ventilation system, to save it from getting too hot and ultimately get damaged.

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Built-in Cooler

  • Another kind of wine cooler, which do not eat up your floor space is the built-in cooler. It is specially designed to be installed in a cabinet. It needs special installation procedure considering that such a cooler will be the integral part of the cabinet. It has certain ventilations needs, which have to be taken care of when installing. It cannot be relocated.
  • In addition to these special issue, built-in coolers are expensive than the counter-top coolers and while configuring them for your home, you have to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t, you may end up with ruined wine. If you don’t have an existing space of the sort to install a built-in cooler, then getting this kind of cooler will further add up to your expenses, as you have to create the space where such wine cooler can be fitted. It is just like fitting a washing machine in your kitchen cabinet.

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Free-Standing Coolers

  • If you have to consider your space and money constraint while buying a wine cooler, then you must not think twice to get a free standing cooler. They are the favorite among buyers of wine coolers due to the minimum space they occupy, can be placed at any location, can be easily shifted and have a wider choice in size.
  • These wine coolers are in the affordable category of price, but the only disadvantage is that they will take up space on your floor.

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Single /Dual Zone Cooling

  • A single zone wine cooler has one compartment and temperature can be controlled either for white or red wine, Dual zone cooling is meant for cooling both the wines in separate compartments with individual cooling monitoring.
  • Single zone cooling is ideal for beginners and for those who like either of reds or whites.
  • Dual zone coolers are perfect for the collectors and party lovers.
  • Single zone coolers are relatively economical dual zone coolers are a little expensive, but are still affordable.

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Thermoelectric Cooling

  • The Thermoelectric cooling based wine coolers are considered to be more power-saving and environment friendly since they are CFC-free. Due to the construction they are noise and vibration free.
  • If you have space limitation at your home then you must get   a thermoelectric wine cooler as they are compact in size and are good for short term storage of your wine bottles. The only drawback is that they have to be placed in a well-ventilated place and need cooler ambient space around it.

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Compressor-based cooling

  • These wine coolers work on the same principle as your refrigerator, but are not that environment friendly. They are the better choice for white wines, since these coolers have better cooling, as required by whites.
  • They have the capability to work efficiently in warmer ambient temperatures and are more durable than the thermoelectric coolers. The only issue that could irritate you is the loud humming sound that they create, which is more audible in calmer homes.

Recommendation When Choosing Brand of wine cooler

There are many brand that offer wine coolers for different needs and business, but we have shortlisted these brand that excel in small to mid-size efficient wine coolers.

  • Koldfront, is a US brand which makes some amazing home appliances available online and are relatively inexpensive but of quite good quality. The wine coolers from Koldfront have a capacity up to 32 wine bottles.
  • Haier America is another globally known name affordable appliances with innovative technology, great designs and power saving capabilities.  Also known brand for environment friendly range of home gadgets
  • Wine Enthusiast is quite into the manufacturing of world class wine coolers with thermoelectric technology to give you compact, affordable and handy wine refrigerators
  • NewAir is the best known brand for affordable thermoelectric wine coolers. These coolers are compact in size and most appealing in looks
  • Avanti wine coolers are greatly appreciated starting from space saving 12-bottle cooler to a size 150 bottle wine cellar to match any of your needs in between.
  • Whynter makes home appliances of superior quality and appealing design. The product of this company are economical with storage space up to 32 wine bottles.

How to Buy the Best wine cooler

  • You have so many options to buy a wine cooler from. You can visit your nearest refrigerator store and ask for various models in wine coolers. But the limitation at such places of purchase is that you have to rely on the experience and recommendation of a salesperson whose ultimate goal is to sell a product.
  • My suggestion is to visit some online store like Amazon or rather the brands’ home website and see the various options there. You will have the option to spend as much time as possible and see as many products as you wish. You will not restrict to considering one brand of wine cooler. You will learn about the products in detail from such sites, since many verified users are gracious enough to give their unbiased views and feedback to help the new buyers. Here you can also read about the features as well the limitations so that you make an intelligent choice.

What to look for when buying?

Luckily, we’re here to tell you that there are numerous alternatives out there, with high quality, innovation, good looks and trendy wine coolers. Buying a wine cooler involves consideration of many factors. You are relying on an appliance to store and preserve your exquisite wines. I will guide you through this difficult decision by offering some of the features you should look into a perfect wine cooler.

  • Maximum Bottle Capacity: It is one of the most important things to consider if you are buying the wine cooler for a specific purpose like to open a pub business, arranging for big fat parties or enjoying frequent get-togethers with your family or friends. You may need a wine cooler that stores a large number of wine bottles or a sleek one to fill wine for only your requirement. The different range of bottle capacity in wine cooler is from 6 to 150.
  • Shelf Material: Shelves in the wine cooler come in different materials like wood, glass or stainless steel. While stainless steel shelves improve cooling and are durable, the glass shelves add a touch of style and glamour to the interiors but are prone to accidental breakage. The wooden shelves too are sturdy in look and reliability, but cleaning them is bit difficult
  • Inner Illumination: An illuminated wine cooler from inside, looks astounding as well as makes the selection of wine very easy. If you are afraid to disturb others late during the night, when you want to enjoy the great taste of your favorite red, then an interiorly lit wine cooler is your must have.
  • Lockable door: If you are using the wine cooler at your home then locking is not an issue. But if you want to prevent unnecessary opening and closing at an open place like a bar then probably you will do better with a lockable wine cooler.
  • Standalone or Built in: The standalone wine coolers can be kept anywhere you wish and are designed to fit in as your style-statement in home décor. Whereas the built-in coolers are created with special ventilation mechanism to integrate them along with the kitchen cabinets, giving a classy look to your kitchen. Place this cooling appliance anywhere, it will make every corner very special in your home.
  • Stainless Steel or Glass body: To add a feel of exquisiteness to your home you can select a classy looking glass wine cooler but it has to be used carefully. But if you want a robust appliance then choose a stainless steel wine cooler for your personal use.
  • Detachable Shelves: If you have to keep bottles of varying sizes then you will love a model from which the shelves can be taken out to make a customized storage space. If your wine bottles are in a variety of sizes then it is better to have a wine cooler with removable shelves
  • Standing or lying Bottles: How you keep bottles is another important point to consider. If you are opening a bar then the cooler where bottles are stored in lying position is suitable. But if you have to keep the used or opened bottles as a home user, then a cooler that allows bottle in standing position, is your need. You can also look for a model that allows a combination of these two styles.
  • Thermoelectric or Compressor-Based: If your requirement is for personal wine collection then a compact a thermoelectric wine cooler is the best choice. But if you have a large collection of wine to be served in a pub or bar, then go for a larger compressor-based cooler.
  • Operating temperature and other standard features: You must compare different brands and models on the basis of operating temperatures recommended for wines, ease of installation, easy to clean, low maintenance issues, low power requirement, ability to protect wine form sunlight and surrounding environment. One important feature to look in for is that the cooler should be vibration and noise free.
  • Warranty and Service: No product manufactured is guaranteed to work forever. But if you get some replacement warranty against manufacturing defects then it will be a safe bet for you to spend your money intelligently. After warranty the next thing to look for is the facility of after sales service, since the electrical appliance are prone to damage due to electricity fluctuations and other domestic problem.

Safety Tips When Using the Product

You have got a perfect wine cooler for your wine collection, but are still in confusion about the do’s and don’ts. You intend your wine cooler to preserve the taste and quality of white and red wines, so you must know how to keep your wine cooler in its best shape. You must keep the optimal temperature and humidity for storage of wine bottles.

So here are some easy and quick tips that will ensure durability of your wine cooler unit, and keep giving you the best enjoyable moments for many years to come.

  • The cooler must be regularly cleaned from inside as well from outside, with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth. When you are cleaning the wine cooler, you must disconnect the power and take out all the shelves (if they are detachable). You must also take care to empty and clean the water box at bottom.
  • The wine cooler must be placed in cool, shaded place, where direct sunlight does not reach it. You must also keep the wine cooler away from direct heat sources.
  • The wine cooler must be kept away from the wall at a minimum distance of half a feet. It must have this basic ventilation space to let it breathe and allow the door to open easily.
  • The wine cooler must be placed at a levelled surface. If you have a carpeted floor then you must keep the unit on a plank of wood or some other hard surface.
  • If your wine cooler is portable, then before relocating it, you must remove all the bottles and the detachable parts like shelves. To avoid any kind of damage while relocating, stick the feet to its base and lock the door. If the door is not lockable then tape it down.
  • Always keep the cooler unit in upright position for proper functioning.
  • When you have switched off the cooler for cleaning or relocation, then you must switch it on only after a minimum of two hours in upright position.
  • Read the user’s manual for the instructions given by the manufacturer for the operation and configuration of the wine cooler.
  • The door must not be opened frequently, open only when you need to take out your bubbly.
  • Regularly check for the door seal for proper sealing. If you see any leaks, replace the seal immediately.
  • The temperature should be kept consistent.
  • Do not over stuff the wine cooler. Keep only the count of wine bottles allowed for your unit, else you will ruin the whole collection.
  • Avoid disturbances to the wine cooler. This will also save wine bottles from banging each other and breakage.
  • You should not place anything on the top of the unit.
  • Regularly check the power cord for any cuts, damaged internal lighting, damaged shelves or dysfunctional fan and cooling system.


  • Choosing the right wine refrigerator can be overwhelming due to the many types, options and features available to you. Despite this, we have all the information you need to help pick out the best wine fridge for you and your family. Just keep these features in your mind and rate every model on this criteria.
  • I assure you that you will not go wrong in purchasing the best wine cooler for you home, with the guidance specially researched and compiled for  you.

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