5 Fashion-forward Winter Travel Outfits that will Keep You Warm

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It is still winter season people, with holidays and countless rest days from work that demands wearing comfortable, casual outfits. However, dressing up in winter season is a bit challenging compared to the other seasons of the year. But when you pack all the quintessential pieces, you will certainly be fine this winter.

Just to be smart, do study the place you are visiting to know about the weather condition. Outwit the style boredom on your upcoming cold-weather escapade, and avoid any inconveniences of packing by preparing your outfits ahead of time. To know more, check the tips below that will certainly keep you warm in your winter travel.

Waterproof Boots

Yes, sneakers are the best pair of shoes to travel because they are comfortable and does not take up much of space in your luggage. However, they are not that helpful in a cold and snowy place.

Thus, it is wise to invest in well-built, water-resistant boots with excellent traction and space for a thick pair of socks. Just so you know, dry and warm feet can have no dissimilarity between an active, fun day. Meaning, you will never enjoy your trip by having cold, wet feet.

Of course, winter boots are heavy and big and are indeed a problem to carry. However, do not let that hinder you. Taking off your boots from your luggage can take up at least 15 minutes of your time, but spending hours of enduring and suffering from the freezing temperature are certainly not something you would want to happen.

When you choose to bring a pair of winter boots, fill them with some smaller items like socks or underwears to save space. You can easily shop for winter boots in any online store like Seed Heritage.

Thermal Socks

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Having warm, cozy, and snug socks are essential to having complete comfort in winter. However, if you try wearing bulky socks with your typical winter boots, you are primarily summoning for blisters.

To avoid such problems, think about purchasing thermal socks. When worn, you will instantly feel warmer compared to wearing the normal cotton sock. And don’t worry because thermal socks are not that too thick or stiff.

Thermal socks look like just any ordinary cotton socks, but it will leave you aghast and amazed at how warm you will feel when you wear it. Fortunately, there are tons of designs and styles available in the market. So you will have an excuse not to buy one.

Waterproof Gloves

Gone are the days of wool gloves and bulky mittens. Now, you can purchase excellent pairs of light, thin, waterproof, breathable gloves. They do not only weigh less, but they also take up less space in your luggage when you pack for a winter vacation.

Furthermore, the glove’s breathability makes them easy to wear over a vast temperature range. And because it is water-resistant, these gloves are even more beneficial in the worst weather. For sure, these gloves are perfect for everything from creating snowballs to taking photos.

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Turtleneck Sweaters

With turtleneck sweaters, you can keep things sophisticated, cozy, and classy. That is why this 2018, it is all about the thick and bulky turtleneck sweaters. From oversized sweaters to boxy ones, you can certainly wear it with almost everything like maxi dresses and fitted ankle-pants.

Turtleneck sweaters are one of the many excellent layering pieces that work well with everything and assures you that you will be with the utmost comfort and warmth. The best thing about wearing turtleneck sweaters is that you will never sacrifice warmth in exchange for the style.

Making this clothing piece both stylish and warm. Turtleneck sweaters are certainly quintessential especially when traveling during winter. You will look good, but at the same time, you will feel good.

Blanket Scarves

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Technically, blanket scarves fall under the essential and must-have things when traveling, most especially during winter. Even though bringing blanket scarves may not change your entire life, but it will certainly improve the way you travel.

This clothing piece is not only a smart and fashionable addition to any of your outfits but are also multifunctional. Meaning, you can use it as a blanket or even neck pillows for long-haul flights.


For whatever season of the year it may be, planning for a vacation means planning for outfits that are stylish yet comfortable. However, when you opt traveling during winter, you need to make sure that you carry all essential items with you to keep you warm.

This statement is certainly true, especially when the place you are going to visit has low temperatures. As such, make sure to bring waterproof boots, thermal socks, waterproof gloves, turtleneck sweaters, and blanket scarves.

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