Woodhaven 7280 Band Saw Fence Review

This particular device is able to cut tenons, make resaw as well as ripping. It achieves these actions by combining the aspects of its features to give rise to a pleasant outcome. During sawing, the fence enhances the band saw. This makes sure that the band saw is damage free thereby increasing output levels.

Its aluminum extrusions offer several roles by acting as railings. In general, this protects the machine from external influence. The aluminum extrusions as well clamp both railings, hence presenting an ideal work setting.

This occurrence makes the fence as rigid for various operations. The device is easily modifiable thereby abolishing the requirement for resaw guideline. For this reason, the mechanism is capable of upholding massive portions of work in enviable spans of time.


  • It has a fence that improves the quality of the band saw straight away.
  • The rigid fence makes it easy for the implement to execute hard chores.
  • It has locks at both ends, hence a better and enhanced way to adjust the blade.
  • The device can as well be fixed to other 14″ band saws by means of piercing 4 holes.
  • The fence has an alternative circle-cutting accessory that rests onto the ends of the railings at the fence. This enables the operator to make diverse circles depending on the diameter needed.


The machine has a weight of 9.4 pounds, along with a measurement of 24.8 x 6.4 x 2.9 inches. The mechanism can endure most operations and in sensible periods. Its measurements additionally make it enormously unproblematic for individuals to move it around, therefore the characteristic of portability.

How does it work?

This machine lets an individual resaw, rip as well as cut tenons with maximum efficiency. In essence, an operator can formulate cuts on various objects with ease. Its 7280 Band Saw barrier makes it easier for an individual to make various operations as they desire.

Throughout the entire process of resawing and ripping the fence improves and significantly improves the band saw instantaneously. Its two 24″ dimensions of 3/4″ wide x 1-1/2″ high aluminum extrusions double as the front as well as the rear fence railings.

A 24″ measurement of 3/4″ broadness x 3″ big aluminum extrusion acts as the fence as well as the clamps to the railings This makes the fence become firm thereby advancing and protecting the processes involved.


  • It is easily adaptable for blade lead. This gets rid of the necessity for are-saw guideline.
  • The device sustains the blade lead setting when during instances of changing the fence position.
  • It is extremely easy to adjust the blade lead using innovative angle bracket outline. This makes for easier operation of the gadget.
  • The high quality fence will improve the quality of the band and this enhances precision.


Where to Buy

The most exceptional models of Woodhaven 7280 Band Saw Fence can be found on Amazon. This is especially relevant essentially due to Amazon’s offer of competitive prices along with efficiency levels. Principally, the acquirement of the equipment from Amazon comes with a warranty. This is imperative since it gives rise to durability and stability.

Install, Use, Maintenance and Issues Fixing

The maintenance of most sawing equipment determines the quality of the eventual work. This is because proper maintenance leads to augmented yields and output. The various features of the machine are easy to handle and clean. This should hence make the maintenance easier.

Its railings, aluminum extrusions and the fence should always be kept clean. In case the user may be confused as regards the various operations, the user handbook gives maximum insight. The user should at all-time make certain that it is dirt free so as to thwart occurrences that may bring about malfunction. It is also imperative to store the machine in safe and cool places.


The Woodhaven 7280 Band Saw Fence makes it possible to acquire desirable cuts on objects. As a result, the user ought to be well equipped when dealing with the equipment. However, it is easy to install the equipment by drilling one extra opening in every bracket. This helps to mount the equipment to the existing openings in the table. Clients are advised to make use of this particular gadget so as to achieve their desired outcomes.

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